Selectabase Launch Free Trials of Prospect Download Lists

New users of Prospect Download online mailing list service from Selectabase are being offered free trials of business or consumer marketing data. Anyone creating a new online account will now receive 50 free credits to try out the Prospect Download service. The list credits can be used to source and download some sample data from the business or consumer databases, to use in a sample direct marketing campaign.

The credits are valid for a whole 12 months and can be used to test the quality and accuracy of Prospect Download data, as well as experiencing just how easy it is to source and purchase list data online.

Using the free credits data can be sourced from two datasets. Business lists can be selected using a wide range of criteria such as location, trading format, industry, turnover, staff, job title and many more. Consumers can also be selected by age, gender, location, income, lifestyle, property type and so on.

Credits will also be given to any existing Prospect Download web users who have not yet purchased from the service. To receive the credits existing Selectabase website users just need to sign in and visit Prospect Download, or new users can get started here:

Direct Mail Popularity Continues to Grow

According to the latest search trends from Google, interest in Direct Mail has grown to it’s highest level in 2011.

The data from Google Insights, a free tool from Google, shows UK searches for ‘direct mail’ from the start of 2006 to 2011 to date. The resulting graph shows that the second quarter of 2011 in particular saw increased interest in direct mail following a fall in searches in the second half of 2010.

Despite the ongoing economic situation and the wider use of digital marketing and social media, it appears that interest in direct mail continues to be solid.

Graph of UK Searches for ‘Direct Mail’ from 2006 to 2011 (Source: Google Insights)

google insights direct mail searches

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Create and Post Mailing Service Launched by Selectabase

Selectabase have responded to customer demand by launching a new direct mail fulfilment service called Create and Post. The service aims to offer a low cost and simple way to send mailing letters to Selectabase databases or any other mailing lists.

Using Create and Post small businesses can send their introductory personalised mailing letter to their list for just 41p each plus VAT which includes colour printing, paper, envelopes, postage and fulfilment. A ??25 set up fee per client also applies. The Create and Post team set up the mailing for the client including adding database fields into the letter.

The mailing service can be used to send letters to mailing lists of prospects and potential customers purchased from Selectabase, but can also be used to mail in-house lists of customers or data from other sources.

To send a mailing with Create and Post just contact the team on 01304 382211 or from Create and Post.

Make Me an Offer: Using Special Offers in Direct Mail

Sometimes the sourcing of a mailing list, deciding what to send and arranging fulfillment can all distract you from what offer you are actually going to include in the mailing.

It’s always fine to stay in touch with contacts and customers using a standard letter without an offer, but if your campaign is designed to generate new business then you really need to include an attractive incentive.

There are many types of offer you can use; free trials, money off, buy one get one free, upsells, cross sells and so on. Let’s look at some scenarios when an offer could prove really powerful in a mailing:

  • A restaurant mails lists of local consumers celebrating a birthday with a letter introducing their establishment, and including a voucher for a free drink or bottle of house wine with a meal. To finesse the offer further it could apply to lunches when the restaurant is normally quieter, or be limited to a larger group to get more people through the door.
  • A DIY store wants to let people who’ve just moved into the area know about them, as new home movers are more likely to need home improvement and DIY products. It mails out a voucher for 10% off when they spend over ??50.
  • A book-keeper targets new start ups in their local area with a letter explaining their services and offering a 50% discount on the first month’s service to trial their service. They know that once a client sees how much easier it is to use their bookkeeping service, they are likely to stay with them for a while.

In summary, if you are going to the trouble and expense of mailing new prospects, go the extra mile and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Time for some Summer List Cleaning

In many business sectors things can quiet down during the summer period, making it the ideal time to carry out data cleansing on your marketing lists.

Data cleansing is an important and valuable exercise. Accurate data can help improve response rates and targeting for marketing campaigns and if your business is a Data Controller you have an obligation to keep your data up to date under the Data Protection Act.

Data becomes out of date all the time. Consumers can move house, relocate, opt into the Telephone or Mailing Preference Services and sadly even pass away. Business contacts can move job, businesses relocate or change ownership, open new branches or register with the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS).

You may several hold many different types of mailing lists and databases within your organisation, all of which could need regular cleansing:

  • Existing customers who are currently ordering from you or who have visited your premises.
  • Previous or old customers, who haven’t ordered for some time.
  • Leads and enquiries gathered from your marketing activities like your website.
  • Lists of marketing prospects in databases you may have purchased.

Often different departments may hold the same data in different ways which can create a need for de-duplicating records, and you could also consider investing into a central CRM system which controls all your customer records across all your departments.

An easy way to clean your data is using our Easy Check list cleaning software. Just download the free software, then pay for list cleaning as you go using low cost credits.