May 31 2011

Ideas for Sales Incentives

In a recent blog post at BrandRepublic, Simon Kershaw identifies some interesting examples of sales and marketing incentives.

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May 23 2011

Writing Slogans for Your Business

A recent article over at The Marketing Donut gives advice on how to write an effective slogan for your business. A good slogan can help you stand out from the crowd, and can be widely used on all your marketing mterials including direct marketing tools.

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May 18 2011

Digital Watermarks Could Help Mailing Response Rates

A new system of digital watermarketing has been launched by Royal Mail, which could help mailings of the future improve response rates and acheive greater integration between online and offline marketing.

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May 16 2011

Marketing Professionals Shun ‘The Apprentice’

To coincide with the latest series of The Apprentice, a recent survey has shown that marketing is one of the least likely professions to be interested in appearing on the hit TV show.

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May 13 2011

Selectabase Launch Exclusive Offer for New B2B

This afternoon see’s the launch of an exclusive offer on the New B2B direct marketing service for followers of Selectabase on Twitter.

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May 09 2011

The Dangers of Buying Dodgy Data

Sometimes customers tell us they’ve been offered a one off database of businesses or consumers at a ridiculously low price, and ask whether the list is worth it? Our advice is to only ever buy a mailing list from a reputable source as the risks of doing otherwise are simply too great.

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May 05 2011

7 Ways to Increase Sales by using Direct Marketing

Top tips on growing your business and getting more sales by using cost effective direct marketing techniques.

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