Jun 27 2011

How to Clean Data Collected on Your Website

Information collected on your website is far more likely to be inaccurate or go out of date quickly, so how can you keep it up to date as easily possible? The Easycheck desktop application from Selectabase helps you clean the address and telephone data you’ve collected online.

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Jun 23 2011

Direct Marketing Success can be Born of Failure

In his recent book ‘Adapt’ the economist Tim Harford suggests that solutions to complex issues can only be identified if you are willing to risk failure.

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Jun 20 2011

Mailings Generate Enquiries, So Handle Them Well

The Selectabase team of marketing experts spend a lot of time speaking with small businesses on the phone, following up on enquiries and introducing our services. What can prove surprising is just how poorly some businesses handle these initial enquiries.

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Jun 14 2011

What Mailing Shall I Send for a Direct Mail Campaign?

If you’re planning a mailshot or direct mail campaign, just what should you actually send – a brochure, letter or  postcard? Read our tips on how to decide what type of mailing to send.

Jun 09 2011

Direct Mail Advice for Beginners

New to direct marketing? Never sent a mailing before? Read some top tips from our team of direct marketing experts.

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Jun 06 2011

How Sales and Marketing Teams see each other

If you work in either sales or marketing, then you must read this excellent article in Marketing Week about how brands need to bridge the divides between both these disciplines.

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Jun 03 2011

The Changing Tastes of Older Consumers

The launch of Gransnet online by the founders of Mumsnet illustrates how older consumers are being targeted in new ways that challenge previous misconceptions of the grey market.

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