Category: Marketing Technology

Sep 02 2011

How Social Media can Impact on Direct Marketing Campaigns

Like it or loathe it, social media is here to stay and is having an ever increasing impact on society and can also have an impact upon how you conduct your direct marketing campaigns.

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Aug 11 2011

Direct Mail as part of a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

How does direct mail fit into a multichannel approach to marketing?

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Jun 27 2011

How to Clean Data Collected on Your Website

Information collected on your website is far more likely to be inaccurate or go out of date quickly, so how can you keep it up to date as easily possible? The Easycheck desktop application from Selectabase helps you clean the address and telephone data you’ve collected online.

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May 18 2011

Digital Watermarks Could Help Mailing Response Rates

A new system of digital watermarketing has been launched by Royal Mail, which could help mailings of the future improve response rates and acheive greater integration between online and offline marketing.

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