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Oct 11 2013

October Update

Exciting news, we have just completed a full rebuild & refresh of our marketing data lists. Customers can now select from over 2.6 million UK businesses, 37 million UK consumers, the latest new businesses opening, individuals with a birthday approaching and even details of new brides-to-be – all available now!

Lists can be ordered directly from our website, or you can call our experienced team on 01304 382211.

Sep 19 2013

Direct marketing company Selectabase is offering a one month FREE trial of their Birthday Mailings marketing list.

Birthday Mailings, a direct marketing list which targets UK consumers just before their birthday, is now available to trial for a month for free.

Birthday Mailings is a unique marketing list aimed at retail and leisure businesses. Subscribers receive a monthly list of local consumers who are about to celebrate a key birthday such as a 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th.

Subscribing businesses mail their monthly prospects with a special birthday greeting or offer to attract new customers to their premises, at a time when people are likely to spend more than usual on celebrating their big day.

The types of business using Birthday Mailings varies from bars, restaurants and clubs to hairdressers, beauty salons, retailers and leisure business such as golf clubs or paintball experiences.

Using such a targeted and low cost method of promotion has proved attractive to subscribers, especially in today’s economic climate when traditional forms of advertising are often being cut.

An example of the success that can be achieved is provided by Paul Dixon of Retreat Health & Beauty Therapy, who used Birthday Mailings data to promote the opening of a new salon. Paul reports that he “received around 40 people following the mailing” and feels that its success was due to “the correct age, gender and location of the names received to help target our market”.

Michael Spencer of The Spencer Taylor Studio photographers has also been “very impressed with Birthday Mailings”. He has found that “sales have increased with each mailing” and will be “recommending the service to other friends and colleagues”.

Dawn Morton of Moda Italian restaurant in Nottingham feels that “Birthday Mailings has been a tremendous help to the promotion of our new restaurant”. She adds that “the staff at Selectabase are very professional and helpful and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone”.

Birthday Mailings data is all fully cleaned and verified before release by Selectabase, who are full members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the UK’s leading professional body for the direct marketing sector.

Businesses wanting to trial Birthday Mailings list for themselves can now do so by signing up online at

For more details visit or call Selectabase on 01304 382211

Selectabase, Birthday Mailings, Consumer Lists

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Deal, Kent

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01304 382211


Christine Hyde

Sep 13 2013

How can IFA’s use seminars to promote their services

Find out how inviting potential customers to a seminar on a specific aspect of financial planning can help Independent Financial Advisers reach and convert new clients.

Seminars, conferences and information events are proving to be a highly effective way of generating new business for Independent Financial Advisers (IFA’s) in the UK.

Financial advice and planning seminars usually focus on one key issue, or a group of issues relevant to specific demographic such as those approaching retirement, wealthy investors, small business owners etc.

Often held at an easily accessible hotel, the events may comprise just one keynote speaker or a series of sessions from different advisers from the same partnership or IFA’s who have come together to help build new business. Attendance is usually free, although in some cases a modest attendance fee can help attract more serious and focused attendees. The most common form of promotion is through direct marketing to quality mailing lists.

If you are an IFA, there are many benefits to be derived from speaking at a seminar. You can meet potential clients face to face and allow them to see you in action, which immediately builds confidence and trust that would be hard to gain through any other method. If you are willing to stand in front of an audience and talk with authority on a subject your audience will automatically grant you the kudos of being an expert.

Many attendees, especially older people, may be reluctant to have an IFA visit them in their own home, but are much more comfortable about visiting an event or seminar.

Plus, the fact that the attendee is willing to give up their time to come and listen means they are far more likely to convert into a lead or client.

What topics can be covered in a financial seminar?

The themes of seminars broadly fall into two main areas; events aimed at affluent and often older consumers, and those aimed at small business owners.

Seminars aimed at consumers and wealthy individuals can be used successfully to promote a range of financial products including:

  • Retirement planning, especially for those approaching retirement age and looking to maximise on the opportunities available.
  • Investments including identifying and assessing new opportunities, learning the secrets of successful investors, and also finding out which investments to avoid.
  • Tax reduction and discovering the latest ideas for legitimately reducing you potential tax liability.
  • Home Equity Release schemes, including what options are available and what are the pitfalls to avoid.
  • Inheritance Tax (IHT) information, including how to limit tax liabilities, plan for the future and protect estates for family members.

Seminars aimed at small business owners can be used to address other important financial planning issues:

  • Business Protection including partnership insurance, keyman insurance and shareholder protection.
  • Employee pension plans for companies with five or more employees.
  • Tax Advice to help stay on top of ever changing legislation and obligations.
  • Incentive Schemes to help retain and motivate staff in a tax efficient way.

How to attract delegates to financial seminars

There are numerous way to promote your financial seminar. However care needs to be taken over the targeting of potential attendees, especially if the event is free.

For example you will want to make sure the people invited are the right target market for the topic you are planning to discuss, so that the event is more relevant for them, and also more successful for you in generating enquires. You also need to target potential attendees geographically.

Because of the need for targeting, direct marketing is a particularly powerful companion to seminars. Direct marketing techniques such as direct mail or telemarketing are all highly targeted to specific individuals, about whom much information can be gathered in advance.

Prospective delegates can then be mailed with an introductory letter and invitation to your seminar, and can also be followed up by telephone if appropriate. Provide a response mechanism on your mailer so that it is easy for people to sign up.

High quality direct marketing lists of potential attendees are widely available and can be easily rented for an affordable fee, but you need to ensure you purchase data from a reliable and reputable supplier and that the list is appropriately targeted.

For example, one leading supplier of lists to IFA’s for promoting seminars is Selectabase. They provide many lists suitable for use in this context, and have found proven results from two in particular.

The Silver Prospects list from Selectabase contains the details of mature and affluent UK consumers, who can be selected based on many different criteria such as their life stage and financial situation. The Silver Prospects list is used frequently by IFA’s to identify potential clients in their geographic area.

IFA’s have also used another Selectabase list very successfully to target small business owners who may be interested in attending business financial planning events. The New B2B list from Selectabase provides details of new business start ups and also businesses which have relocated or are under new management, all in a strictly defined geographic area.

Using this combination of direct marketing with financial seminars can prove very successful, even with the cost of hiring a venue and other marketing costs.

For example, a Financial Services adviser in Devon recently used Silver Prospects data to invite consumers to an Inheritance Tax seminar. They reported that “from a list of approximately 2,700 names we had 120 high net worth attendees – this represented a response rate of more than 4.4%, at least double what we had hoped to get”.

An adviser based in London representing a nationally known financial services provider had a good response to a seminar, and an even better follow up , reporting that “there were 85 attendees, and in the first week I have had 5 meetings – I am confident that over time I will gain some excellent clients from this list.”

Other IFA’s have confirmed the positive return on investment which can be achieved from seminars promoted by direct marketing, with one Selectabase client claiming their mailings and events have “provided a return of 20 times capital expenditure!”.

For further information call us on 01304 382211 or visit

Sep 12 2013

Getting Married Update

Is it time to step up your marketing to the lucrative wedding market?

The September list of new brides-to-be is ready to order now. These brides-to-be have registered to receive wedding related offers only a matter of days ago

One of them popped the question; the other said yes – and now they are ready and willing to spend money on all types of services from the wedding dress to the honeymoon destination.

Visit today and enter your postcode area for a free count. Contact them and invite them to spend with your business.

If you would like to speak with a member of the Getting Married team call 01304 382211.

Sep 05 2013

Selectabase Email Subscribers £5 Voucher

Subscribers to our regular updates by email, including special offers and promotions, can claim a £5 Selectabase voucher, valid throughout September for all products and services.

If you are not subscribed to our regular email updates or newsletters, simply call 01304 382211 and provide us with your email address.

The £5 voucher is valid anytime until 30th September 2013 so when you place your order you can keep £5 of the cost in your pocket!

Sep 05 2013

September Update

The September update has just been completed.

This month we added 5,896 recently engaged brides-to-be, 10,152 new start-up businesses, plus our completely refreshed UK business and consumer universes.

As usual lists can be ordered directly from our Prospect Download portal with new registrations receiving the first 10 postal addresses free.

New business or new bride-to-be list subscriptions can also be ordered online at:
New B2B
Getting Married

Visit our main website for details of all other direct marketing products and services, or call our experienced team on 01304 382211.

May 01 2013

Selectabase launch Getting Married – new brides-to-be

UK marketing list provider, Selectabase, has launched Getting Married, a new direct marketing subscription service delivering regular lists of new brides-to-be.

Getting Married provides a constant and easily manageable source of potential new customers that simply have to be followed up by mail. The list includes full contact details together with budget and date of wedding, providing subscribers with the opportunity to perfectly time their marketing campaign.

All of the brides-to-be included within the Getting Married database have registered their details online with a leading UK wedding website and bridal magazine. The information is captured at a time when they are actively seeking wedding services and have opted in to receive offers and information from third parties.

James Flashman, Sales Manager at Selectabase believes the service will open more doors for small businesses; “Brides-to-be are in the midst of a huge transition that involves wedding and honeymoon planning. They have much to do, much to buy, and a limited window of time in which to do it. Getting Married enables businesses to connect with this lucrative market at a prime time.”

Getting Married will benefit many industry sectors including hair and beauty businesses, restaurants, wedding dresses, suit hire, honeymoon travel, caterers, musicians, hen and stag services, department stores, jewellers, photographers, videographers, florists, wedding cakes, wedding cars, spa and salon services, hotels, credit cards, financial services (loans), fireworks, magazine subscriptions, gift services, and many more!

Selectabase is a leading UK independent list provider and member of the Direct Marketing Association. They specialise in providing accessible direct marketing lists and cleaning services to the small business market, with packages like Prospect Download, New B2B, Birthday Mailings and Easycheck.

For further information visit or call 01304 382211.

Oct 16 2012

Selectabase & Maileva Join Forces

Selectabase and Maileva join forces to offer a unique direct marketing solution, and if they don’t deliver you get free data, free printing, free fulfillment, and free postage.

Selectabase, the leading marketing data supplier, and Maileva, Europe’s leading hybrid direct mail provider have joined forces to offer UK marketers a unique direct mail marketing solution.

Not only that, if any mail is returned as undeliverable they will resupply fresh data and mail to that new address for free. That’s free data, free printing, free fulfillment, and free postage. We believe this to be a unique guarantee in the industry.

Pascal Brighi, Maileva’s UK Director commented, “We are really excited by our partnership with Selectabase.  This means that customers can now order data, create their mailing, and get it produced and mailed all from one website.” He continued, “We are mindful that customers may be wary about buying mailing lists online, so we wanted to alleviate any concerns by offering a market leading guarantee”.

Steven Sellwood of Selectabase added “We are delighted to work with Maileva and we think that their online direct mail solution is so good that we are actually offering it to our customers too. SME’s in particular have been turned off from direct mail because of the hassle involved in creating a campaign and the cost. Typically there are many suppliers to manage from list brokers and printers to mailing houses and postal operators. But now thanks to Selectabase and Maileva, producing a direct mail campaign is quick, easy, and cost effective, you can do it all from your PC in a matter of minutes”.

Within Selectabase’s database there are 36 million households and 2.5 million businesses and these can be broken down by a wide range of demographics at the click of a few buttons. There is also no minimum quantity, so you can send test campaigns for just a few pounds, and if you get the desired response you can simply place a bigger order.

Recent research by MMC shows that direct mail ROI is on the up and open rates are at 91% compared to email acquisition open rates that are at 11%. It also illustrates that direct mail marketing can boost ROI from internet marketing and social media marketing too. Pascal concluded, ”Direct mail has had to reinvent itself in response to online marketing. The Maileva ‘hybrid’ direct mail solution provides all of the convenience associated with online marketing tools, but the customer or prospect receives a physical, personal and targeted piece of mail through their letterbox, and excellent ROI can be achieved”.

About Selectabase

Selectabase is one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of quality B2B and B2C marketing lists, and easy to use data cleansing services. Selectabase is a member of the Direct Marketing Association. Find out more at

About Maileva

Maileva is Europe’s leading ‘hybrid mail solution’ with 90 million pages printed for 10,000 customers in 2011. Maileva was launched in France in 2002, and BTB Mailflight, the company behind the UK launch was established in 1969. Find out more at

Jun 18 2012

June 2012 Consumer Trends

Each month we bring you the latest trends amongst UK businesses and consumers, all drawn from the range of Selectabase direct marketing lists. According to the most recent month’s data we identified the following…..

Birthday Mailings

Welcome to the June Birthday Mailings round-up of useful marketing trends for businesses & consumers in the UK.

June 2012

This month Birthday Mailings from Selectabase identified 129,107 individuals who are celebrating a milestone birthday in June 2012. These individuals may be turning 21, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 65. The most popular birthday milestone was 21, with 23,081 individuals turning 21 this month.

Why should businesses contact consumers on their birthday?

In the course of promoting our Birthday Mailings marketing leads, we are often asked why businesses should target their marketing to consumers on their birthday? The answer is that celebrating a birthday can trigger a range of opportunities for many different types of business – even when times are tough economically. So here we examine the science behind a birthday celebration.

There’s one time of year when consumers still spend money (no matter how tough the economy) and that’s when a birthday is celebrated. Businesses could well benefit from tapping into this extra spend.

Broadly speaking birthday spending falls into two different categories; self purchase and gift purchase…

Self Purchase Birthday Spending

  • The person celebrating the birthday will often spend a significant amount on pampering themselves with products and services such as hairdressing, fashion, clothing, accessories, beauty treatments and tanning.
  • Birthday celebrants can also make spending decisions on how and where they will celebrate their birthday creating opportunities for bars, restaurants, nightclubs, days out, venues, sports, outdoor activities and leisure activities.

Gift Purchase Birthday Spending

  • A birthday obviously triggers a gift-giving occasion with the typical circle of gift givers at an average of 6-8 people all looking to spend money.
  • Gift givers may look to spend on gifts of course but also jewellery, fashion, electricals, gourmet, florists and also day’s out and experiences.

Of course there can often be overlap between these two areas of spending, as the birthday celebrant will often drop ‘hints’ to those around them about what gifts they’d like and how they want to celebrate a birthday.

So the majority of these spending activities can be traced back to the person about to celebrate the birthday which leaves the question of how to identify them in good time?

This is where Birthday Mailings leads from Selectabase can help – subscribers can choose to receive full address details of consumers about to celebrate a birthday in their local postcode area. Leads can be filtered by gender and the age of the target market to just focus on key milestone birthdays such as a 21st or 40th. Visit now!!

Prospect Download Consumer

Welcome to the June Prospect Download Consumer round-up of useful marketing trends for businesses & consumers in the UK.

This month we updated and fully restored Prospect Download Consumer from Selectabase. This means that you could now have access to 37,959,943 consumers UK wide!!

Why use Prospect Download Consumer?

Use Prospect Download 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to buy and download business-to-business mailing lists. Register online now and receive 50 free list credits in your account ready for you to download sample data.

The Prospect Download consumer database covers the whole of the UK and offers:

  • Approximately 36 million addresses, covering the majority of UK households.
  • Extensive targeting selections by age, gender, lifestyle, location, income or affluence.
  • Data for both local and national direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.
  • No minimum order, affordable prices and 50 free records to get you started.

Prospect Download Consumer is provided by Selectabase, a leading UK independent list provider and member of the Direct Marketing Association.

For more info visit now!!

Preference Services

Welcome to the June Preference Service round-up of useful marketing trends for businesses & consumers in the UK.

This month research from identified 5,317,317 UK addresses that are now registered with MPS.

What is MPS?

The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) is a free service set up and funded by the direct mail industry to enable consumers to have their names and home addresses in the UK removed from lists used by the industry. The MPS Consumer File is a list of names and addresses of consumers who have told us they wish to limit the amount of direct mail they receive. The use of the Consumer File by list-owners and users is a requirement of the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing administered by the Advertising Standards Authority. It is also a condition under the Code of Practice of the Direct Marketing Association.

To avoid being caught out, make sure you are checking your addresses with our list cleaning tools

Should you have any questions or for more information please visit or call us on 01304 382211!

Apr 04 2012

March 2012 Prospect Download Trends

Welcome to the March Prospect Download round-up of useful marketing trends for businesses in the UK.

Each month we bring you the latest trends amongst UK businesses and consumers, all drawn from the range of Selectabase direct marketing lists. According to the most recent month’s data we identified the following…..

March 2012

This month we updated and fully restored Prospect Download Business & Consumer from Selectabase. This means that you could now have access to 2,639,728 businesses UK wide and 36,861,345 consumers UK wide!!

Why use Prospect Download Business?

Use Prospect Download 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to buy and download business-to-business mailing lists. Register online now and receive 50 free list credits in your account ready for you to download sample data. Read more »

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