VE Day: Letters from Loved Ones

People all over the world are preparing to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day on Friday 8th May. Every year, we mark the end of the conflict in Europe in 1945, as the Second World War drew to a close. The event remembers the Allies’ formal acceptance of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender on Tuesday 8th May 1945.

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What is a Mailing House?

Most businesses will have heard the term “mailing house”, but not everyone will know what it means. More significantly, many people will be unaware of the advantages that using a mailing house can provide for your company, especially in these challenging times.

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The Most Important Letter in History

Considering around 14.4 billion letters are sent each year in the UK alone, the question of which is the most important letter in history is absolutely huge! Of course, there’s no clear-cut answer and choosing such a letter is purely subjective.

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Where to Find the World’s Oldest Post Office

Having a post office in the local community is more important than having a bank or a pub, according to new research from Citizens’ Advice. The consumer group has found that 49% of UK residents rate a post office as one of the neighbourhood’s most valuable services.

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WWII: A letter from Home

The Selectabase team will be observing the 2-minute silence to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War II and other conflicts. We will remember them.

Letters from home were extremely important to the armed forces during World War II, but communication was difficult before the days of email and instant messaging.

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