Free Guide to Promoting a Health or Beauty Business

If you run a local health and beauty business such as a beauty salon, tanning salon or hairdressers, then read our free guide to promoting a health and beauty business.

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Free Guide to Managing Direct Marketing Leads

Every lead you gain through your marketing efforts is valuable. This free advice guide from Selectabase explains how best to manage your leads so that you can turn them into prospects and customers.

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Free Guide on How to Create Customer Loyalty

This free marketing advice article from Selectabase explains how to go about creating customer loyalty.

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Direct Marketing has Duty to Check for Recently Deceased

The direct marketing sector, and those using direct mail, have a duty to ensure that mailings are not sent to the recently deceased.

An excellent blog post at Brand Republic explains in detail why checking consumer data for recently deceased recipients is an essential part of a data cleansing regime.

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Free guide for IFA’s – Using Seminars

If you are an independent financial adviser (IFA) discover how you could use free seminars and events as a marketing tool in the free guide from Selectabase.

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