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Here is where you start building your list.

Remember all of the criteria below are optional. If your list needs to target a geographical area, we recommend you start with the Postcode Selection. For all other Search Criteria, click on each of the categories below to expand and view the options available.

Once you have finished building your list click 'COUNT' to obtain a count of the records available.

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Postcode Selection

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UK Wide

Build your list using postcodes.

You can choose:

- Area level i.e. CT, Canterbury
- District level i.e. CT15, Dover
- Sector level i.e. CT15 5, part of Dover

Search Criteria

You can choose businesses based on the availability of a telephone number.
Telephone numbers that are not safe marketing calls can be excluded by ticking this box.

Here you can make a choice based upon the presence of email addresses for your selection. Please note if you choose only records that have an email address this will significantly reduce your count. By selecting records with or without an email address you can mail/telephone all of your audience and then email where possible.

Select your preference of contacts from the list shown. Later you will be asked which output information you require.