Choose Your Own List of Prospects

Buy a business or consumer mailing list and download it to your computer or device 24/7.

Prospect Download from Selectabase lets you choose and find potential customers based on a wide variety of selection criteria. The service enables businesses to create, buy and download a mailing list online. These lists of prospects can then be used to carry out a direct marketing campaign via the post and for B2B telephone and email marketing.

There are two versions of Prospect Download available online; Business and Consumer.

  • The Prospect Download Consumer database contains approximately 32 million addresses, so covers a large percentage of UK households. It’s perfect for selecting prospect lists to use for national campaigns, or sourcing targeted lists for more specific postal mailings.
  • TheProspect Download Business database provides easy access to names and addresses of approximately 2.6 million UK businesses. The data is captured from a number of sources and includes comprehensive coverage of all limited companies, public limited companies and the non-corporate sector. Users can select their data by business size, contact name, telephone number, email address, plus many more criteria.

After registering on the Selectabase site for free, users can carry out unlimited searches of Prospect Download. The site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all data in the Business and Consumer lists is regularly maintained and cleaned to ensure its accuracy. Once a list has been selected, it can be purchased online using secure payment, and is then available to download to the customer’s own computer or device. There are no minimum orders and the data is available within minutes*.

This ease of use is one of the main reasons that the service was launched by Selectabase, as Steve Sellwood explains;

“We have been providing lists through our dedicated customer service team online and offline since 1996. More and more customers simply want the freedom to go online and run list counts for instant results. Prospect download provides the best of both worlds; high quality data from a reputable source, which you can easily search, refine and purchase online, and fully supported by our team of experts offline.”

For more information, call the Selectabase team now on 01304 382211 or visit our services page and choose Business or Consumer data here.

* New customers will need to be verified before releasing data. This ensures the protection of the individuals and businesses whose details are included in the database.


The Importance of Mailing your Website Enquiries and Customers

Most websites contain a mechanism for collecting data on your visitors or customers, but are you then following up on this valuable information with a mailing?

Sending a mailing to enquiries received through your website or your online customers can be a great way to get their attention…

  • A well produced mailing piece is more tangible than an email and more likely to get through increasingly cluttered inboxes.
  • A mailing is a more secure way to send out exclusive offers or promotions, without them being forwarded by email to numerous non-customers.
  • A mailing say’s more about your business than an email; it say’s you have more of as physical presence and can help you stand out from your purely online competitors.
  • Customers will see you actually value their business and have taken the time to mail them.

The technique works equally well for B2B or B2C websites, and can be used to target both enquiries and existing customers.?? Plus with the mailing solutions available from Selectabase, mailing smaller quantities is even easier than ever.

Give our team a call on 01304 382211 or visit Create & Post.

New B2B 2016 Survey

Here are our top 20 start-up industries for 2016:

Take Away Food Shops
Online Shopping
Nursing Homes
Beauty Salons
Pubs, Bars & Inns
Hairdressers – Mobile
Taxis & Private Hire
Web Site Design
Cafes, Snack Bars & Tea Rooms
Cleaning Services – Domestic
Garage Mechanics
Painters & Decorators
Roofing Services
Property Maintenance & Repairs
Retirement Apartments

Online Shopping features in the top 20 for the first time showing the expected huge growth in e-commerce activity. The most noticeable change is Retirement Apartments & Nursing Homes who have stormed the top 20 overtaking Accountants and Computer Consultants who were a previous top start-up in 2015.

The top 10 areas for new businesses to open are:


Special mention for Sheffield overtaking Edinburgh to feature in the top 10 in 2016. Also not featured in the list Bradford moved 9 places from 23rd to 14th from the previous year and Newcastle Upon Tyne moved from 18th up to 13th.

The survey results were obtained by analysing the monthly numbers of new businesses which are identified by our New B2B service

How to use telemarketing effectively

Beautiful customer representative with headset smiling during a telephone conversation

What can you do to make sure your telemarketing campaigns are as effective as possible? This informative guide gives you simple to follow rules for carrying out more effective telemarketing that will turn leads into customers, and increase sales.

Follow these simple rules, and you can make inbound or outbound telemarketing work more effectively for your business:

  1. Think creatively about what your telemarketing can achieve. For example telemarketing can be used to generate leads, screen leads before follow up, arrange appointments for field sales staff, provide support, motivate resellers, research markets, test new offers, and of course gain sales.
  2. Make sure the person making the call is properly briefed, knows all about your business and knows exactly what you are aiming to achieve. This is equally important whether your telemarketing is being handled by your receptionist, as by a professional call centre or telemarketing agency.
  3. Try and match your telemarketing staff to the people they will be calling. For example many colleges and universities often employ and train current or recent students to call alumni to ask for their help in fundraising, because they are more likely to have something in common. If necessary, train your telemarketing staff to identify the type of person they are speaking to and adjust their tone and manner accordingly. Bouncy, jokey and over-familiar telesales staff are unlikely to make much headway with chartered accountants or financial directors.
  4. Make sure the right technology is in place so that your telemarketing campaign can be adjusted quickly if it needs to be, and that results of calls can be logged effectively. All users need proper training in your technology system, and you need to have a back up in place in case the technology fails mid sales call.
  5. If you are operating inbound telemarketing through a call centre, make sure that staff are trained and motivated to make the most of every opportunity, such as turning complaints into happy customers. An existing customer saved can often be far more valuable than a new customer gained.
  6. Don’t waste time and resources in calling prospects who are not likely to buy from you: this just smacks of desperation. You may think that if you call enough of them someone will buy, but this can do more damage than good amongst the larger numbers who really don’t want to receive your call. Try and target to your telemarketing to people who may already know of your brand, and who are likely to have some interest in what you are selling.
  7. Following on from the last point, train your staff to ask a few initial questions to identify if the prospect is actually a potential customer or not. Qualifying leads early on can save a lot of wasted time and frustration trying to convert someone who is simply never going to buy.
  8. Make sure your administration and fulfilment operations are also of the same standard as your telemarketing: there’s not point in a well trained caller convincing a prospect to have a sales rep call, if the appointment never reaches the rep’s diary, or they forget to make the visit.
  9. Test your outbound telemarketing results. After all telemarketing is a direct marketing activity with all the benefits that brings for testing, adapting and measuring results. If a script or approach is not working, don’t be afraid to change the approach and try again.
  10. Most importantly of all, always check if the telephone numbers you are about to call are not registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) for consumers, or the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) for businesses. Call a registered number by mistake and your business could be reported, face legal action and even receive a fine.

Selectabase offers a range of low cost TPS checking services to suit your needs. Visit our TPS Check section or call us on 01304 382211 for advice.

Correcting Some Myths About Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is one of the most responsive and cost effective marketing tools there is. But despite this there are still various misconceptions about how easy to use and successful direct marketing can be.

We address some of these criticisms, and give you the facts about using direct marketing…

“Direct marketing is just unwanted junk mail and cold calling” In the past direct marketing has been misused, just like any other marketing tool, but these days the reputation of direct marketing is completely different. Both senders and recipients have seen that providing well targeted and relevant information through DM gives benefits to both parties, and various pieces of legislation now prevent abuse.

“Direct marketing is costly and wasteful” In fact DM is one of the most cost effective marketing techniques there is. Because it’s only targeted to people you want to reach, if you refine your targeting you reduce wastage. Better analysis of results means you can identify those prospects most likely to respond to further refine your efforts. Plus, your results can be quantified, unlike more intangible tools like advertising and PR.

“Direct marketing has been replaced by the internet” Literally anyone can create a website and run a Google Adwords campaign. But the accessibility of digital marketing is also one of its weaknesses. Potential customers have become increasingly cautious of a solely web presence and still want some tangible proof that the business exists. This proof can be provided by direct marketing.

“Direct marketing isn’t for small businesses like me” In fact, direct marketing is an excellent tool to use in promoting a small business either locally or to a specific niche market. Minimum print runs have come right down in recent years thanks to new technology, and list rental minimum quantities have also reduced. For example at Selectabase our Prospect Download business and consumer lists have no minimum order value.

Over the years direct marketing has been refined into proven and effective tool that’s used successfully by numerous businesses. These examples of best practice have permeated their way down to even the smallest or occasional users of direct marketing, so that the benefits can be enjoyed by everyone.

Here are some more good reasons to use mailshots:
– Mail is engaging. Consumers spend on average 10 minutes reading mailshots. Compare the cost of that length of exposure against other media such as TV.
– Mail is a tangible form of advertising. It gives you a physical presence in your customers’ home or office, and can literally put your product in their hands.
– Mail can be targeted to reach very specific audiences – almost every individual, household and business in the UK can be reached by mail.
– Mail can support and deepen relationships with your customers, building awareness as part of integrated campaigns, or involving customers with your business as part of on-going, two-way communications.

Selectabase makes direct marketing and sending mailshots really easy. Data is available to download from 24/7 along with Create & Post where we will print, envelope, stamp and post your mailings for you! Call the team on 01304 382211 for advice and assistance.