Direct Mailing Made Easier

As well as supplying targeted mailing lists for your business, Selectabase can also take the headache out of printing and sending direct mail with our Create & Post mailing service. We’ve tailored our Direct Mailing to offer you two types of print and post service. With our complete mailing house solution we can send any form of mail-out to any number of addresses. Our straight-talking hybrid mail service sends A4 sales letters in C5 envelopes, allowing you to send professional mail to your target audience at low cost.

1. A complete mailing house solution

Simply let us know what you wish to send, and to how many addresses. From letters, certificates, leaflets, brochures and postcards, to multiple inserts, whatever you want to send we have the specialist equipment to manage it. And whether your campaign is 500 or 1 million items we can manage all volumes efficiently and effectively. We can quote on all mailings, regardless of numbers, size, weight or format.

Challenge us to save you money! We are confident you will be delighted with our service and our prices.

Request a detailed quote using the “Enquire / Quick Quote” form  or contact us on 01304 383838.

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2. Online hybrid mail – A4 sales letters in C5 envelopes

Our online hybrid mail service sets up your mailing list for you, then prints and sends a professional looking letter to your target audience at low cost. This is a service our customers love. It’s a highly cost-effective and time-efficient service that is enormously valuable for your business.

With Selectabase Direct Mail, there’s no minimum order and your first letter gets sent free* – you’ll be able to see the quality and speed of our service before parting with any money. The process couldn’t be easier. You simply upload your PDF letterhead and text, upload your address list, review a proof, complete your order and send.  Get started now »
Alternatively, send the details to us offline and we will deal with the rest.

Create & Post Online

Start your mailing now, using our self-service Create & Post tool. Just upload your letter and mailing list and we’ll take care of the rest!

Note: You’ll need to login first. If you don’t have one then you can quickly register an account.

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*Free first letter applies to new users ordering a single sided coloured letter sent on a 2nd class service.

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To meet our clients’ every need and help manage a successful marketing campaign, Selectabase provides a comprehensive range of mail fulfilment services.

The great thing about using Selectabase’s services is that there isn’t a minimum quantity run for our online Create and Post services. With no minimum order, we’re very flexible, which means the service is ideal for any size of business.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the turnaround between processing the lead and completing the job is very fast – the lead is normally processed the same day and the job is run within one or two working days. In the case of online Create and Post, it is processed immediately. Second class delivery can take anything from two to five days, depending on Royal Mail.

Run on a “pay as you go” basis for your convenience, our services are not contracted, but if you should wish to commit, we can look at a bespoke package.

Support is available for all our services, including a dedicated account manager in the shape of a live person, rather than an automated service.

  • Bulk mail – send a large quantity of identical letters to different addresses at a lower rate to help your marketing campaign
  • Direct mail – direct mailing enjoys a better response rate than email marketing, as it’s a more personal approach, making customers feel valued
  • Hybrid mail – let us set up your mailing list and then print and send a highly-professional letter to your target audience
  • Polywrapping – for maximum exposure, we can seal your magazines or brochures into a see-through polythene wrap for dispatch
  • Envelope inserting – our envelope inserting service offers a quick and low-cost option for your direct mailing campaigns
  • Hand fulfilment – completing the tasks that modern machinery can’t cover, our hand fulfilment service assures a professional mailout
  • Data management services – our data management services are your campaign’s first steps to success
  • Leaflet Distribution – offers an opportunity to put your brand message straight into the homes of up to 30 million letterboxes across the UK, without using personal data

Call us on 01304 383838 for further information or request a quote by using the “Enquire / Quick Quote” online form.


What is Create & Post?

Create & Post is a hybrid mail system that enables you to produce and send physical mail directly from an internet-enabled computer, saving you time and money. Simply upload your letter and mailing list, select a few simple options, look at the on screen proof, pay by credit or debit card and we do the rest.

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How does Create & Post work?

Simply upload your PDF letter, upload your CSV address list and map your fields, choose the print and postage options, pay and send!

When you use Create & Post the system merges the documents into print-ready files and sends them to print on state-of-the-art digital print presses. They are then inserted into envelopes using modern industrial machines, Mailsort is applied, and collected by Royal Mail or Downstream Access providers.
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How do I start using Create & Post?

Simply login or register and follow the simple online steps!

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What will I need?

1. Your own database of names and addresses.

Your address list needs to be saved as a CSV file (30,000 rows max). If you wish to mail to more than the maximum please contact us. If you have a list saved in non CSV format this can be converted with most recent versions of office software.

Please note that your file must include the minimum required fields: Business Name or Surname, Address Line 1, Town and Postcode.

Alternatively, your own list purchased and downloaded from our Prospect Download (business or consumer) mailing list solution.

2. Your letter that you wish to send saved as a PDF document. You can include your letterhead, logo, letter text, pictures and your signature. Download a sample template. If you need help writing your letter, you can use our online letter writing tool.

A PDF is a widely used name of a format of document that’s a bit like an image. PDF documents can be created in different sizes from an original electronic document of some kind. With Create & Post you can use an A4 sized PDF or letterhead as the background of your mailing letter.

If you have a document that is not in PDF format this can easily be converted with most recent versions of office software.

Please note Create & Post will handle one CSV file address list and one PDF document at a time. Don’t forget – you won’t need to use any of your own stationery, envelopes or stamps – we take care of everything else for your mailing.

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What do I need to use Create & Post?

All you need to access the system is a computer with internet access and a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox). No special software is required – just the internet. You may need Office document software to create or view PDF files, and you may also need a spreadsheet package to prepare your address data files. There are many free or paid Office or Open Office software programs that can be used.

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How can Create & Post save me time?

Your business no longer has to spend time printing, folding and addressing all your correspondence. For many businesses this means their staff can be more productive and focus on more important things. For some, it even means costly in-house print/mail rooms are no longer necessary. Create & Post is also perfect if you need to send a mailing urgently as you can produce mail in minutes to be despatched the next working day (for mail submitted before 4pm). Create & Post can provide significant savings, some less obvious than others.

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How can Create & Post save me money?

  • Increased staff productivity. Your staff will not have to man printers and stuff envelopes. They can do more valuable work
  • Reduced staff costs. Would you still need your own print/post room if you used Create & Post?
  • Reduced postal costs. We sort your mail and consolidate it so you achieve significant postage discounts
  • Reduced stationery and consumables costs. We can print millions of letters so our buying power is excellent
  • Reduced equipment costs. General office printers, inserting machines and franking machines are not as efficient or reliable
  • Reduced energy costs. With less machinery and people, your energy costs will be lower
  • Less wastage. Create & post includes address enhancement and returns management to maximise delivery and future targeting
  • Pay as you go. It’s like having your own state-of-the-art print and mail facility, but without the fixed costs

Industry research suggests that printing and mailing your own mailing letters in house can cost from 85p to £1.05, when you include printer ink, paper, envelopes, postage and your time. The cost of printing and mailing letters using Create & Post starts from just 68p each. This is also much lower than using a mailing house which can often have a minimum charge of 1000 items. Total savings achievable through Create & Post can be viewed using our Cost Savings Calculator.

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What does it cost?

You are charged per mail piece you send. The cost typically starts at 68p for each letter depending on whether you choose single or double sided, additional sides and the class of postage required. There is no minimum order or contract and no software to install. The price includes paper, envelope, print, inserting, sorting and postage.

You can also trial Create & Post at no cost – when you place your initial order we will deliver your first letter free of charge!

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What postage options does Create & Post offer?

– 2nd Class

With a 2nd class stamp costing 75p alone, Create & Post starts at just 68p online, and that includes the paper, printing, envelopes, inserting and the postage!

1st Class mail can be sent offline by contacting us on 01304 383838.

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What can I send?

You can send A4 documents with up to 4 sides, which would be inserted into C5 envelopes. These can be full colour or black and white documents, ideal for marketing material.

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Can I send full colour letters?

Yes you can send full colour mailings which can include your artwork, logo, and letter text.

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Can I include an insert or additional sheet?

Yes we can print additional pages or double sided if required, simply choose from the options provided. If you already have your own inserts printed contact us for a quote using our offline mailing solutions.

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I already have brochures, can you mail them for me?

Create & Post is a print to mail service that’s been designed to provide bulk mailing discounts for A4 letters only, so the online service cannot handle bespoke mailings of your own existing leaflets or brochures. However we can help offline with traditional mailing house options – simply contact us and we will provide a bespoke quotation for your requirements.

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What paper and envelopes do you use?

The price includes all the paper and the envelope required. Your letter is printed on 100gsm standard white matt paper. We fold A4 letters once to A5 size and then insert them into plain white C5 envelopes. The address is printed onto the envelopes.

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How is it printed and inserted into envelopes

We print your letters using state of the art digital printers, and then use industrial mailing equipment.

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What are the cut off times?

Submit your mailing by 12pm to be processed the same day. Start Now!

How long will it take for letters to arrive with recipients?

Our Second Class service should deliver in 2 to 3 days from despatch. Although we can’t guarantee this as our routes network is covered by third parties in some instances, we are confident that it will – our downstream access providers are all very experienced and reliable.

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Can I get a copy of my mailing?

Yes you can include your own address within the mailing list to ensure you receive a copy. This can be useful for you to know the exact date the mailing has landed. In addition after you have uploaded your artwork we provide a digital proof which you can download.

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How do I know when my letters have been produced and mailed?

If you submit your mail before 12pm this will be produced the same day. If you submit your mail after 12pm it will be processed the following working day.

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Why is my post delivered by Royal Mail?

Almost all mail handled by Downstream Access postal operators i.e. UK Mail, TNT etc, is still finally hand delivered in the UK by a Royal Mail postman/woman.

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What happens to any letters that cannot be delivered?

Any mail that comes back from Royal Mail as “undeliverable” is returned to the fulfilment depot. Selectabase also offer various address enhancement tools to minimise non-deliverables before your mailing is dispatched.

If you require assistance with cleansing your data before mailing, visit our Clean My List page.

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Can I cancel a mailing?

Once an order is paid for, we will produce it during our next available production slot. Therefore it is not currently possible to cancel a mailing once it has been paid for.

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Is there an ongoing contract?

No. You can use Create & Post as much or as little as you need to. There’s no minimum order, and no contractual tie in. However, if you are a large user you may benefit from maximum volume discounts. Contact us for details.

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Is Create & Post secure?

Yes. Your letter will be securely encrypted by Create & Post which means that your letter cannot be read by others whilst in transit and will be printed automatically and securely at our secure print and production facility which has CCTV and secure entry doors. The Create & Post website uses the highest strength 128 bit encryption, so you can be sure that your details will be safe, and we are Data Protection Act Registered.

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Why is it called hybrid mail?

The term hybrid mail has been established because it is a hybrid of online communications and postal communications.

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What if I need support?

We provide online and offline support – we are a real company with a friendly customer services team! If you would prefer that we deal with your mailing offline we can help with that too.

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Is Create & Post environmentally friendly?

Yes. The Create & Post hybrid mail solution can help you reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint. This is because, our system:

  • Saves energy
  • Reduces waste
  • Uses less paper
  • Uses FSC paper
  • Our digital printers use no chemicals and emit no gases etc
  • Reduces trucking miles because we have access to an extensive network of mail routes through our downstream access providers
  • Pre-sorts the mail, saving the postal operators from having to double handle the mail, further saving resources

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Do you amend my addresses after I upload them?

Your address list will be cleaned before your mailing is sent. This is an automatic process that checks the correctness of the addresses and amends them as necessary.

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