Leaflet distribution (or door drop marketing) offers an opportunity to put your brand message straight into the homes of up to 30 million letterboxes across the UK, without using personal data. You can send generic leaflets, flyers, letters or brochures, locally or nationally.

Our recommended minimum distribution is for 5,000 leaflets or more, and the service is used a lot by locally based companies such as takeaways/estate agents and local charities or mass charity campaigns at specific times of the year – e.g. Christmas.

More than just a case of putting brightly coloured, printed paper through letterboxes, a professional leaflet distribution service is one of the most cost-effective targeted marketing solutions a business could ever use.

A successful leaflet distribution campaign will effectively advertise your brand or event and attract more customers at a price you can afford. Cheaper than using postal services, it doesn’t require stamps, yet it can still achieve mass reach.

Your marketing campaign will achieve the best response rate and generate a maximum return on your investment, as we will liaise to develop a strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Why choose Selectabase?

Choosing Selectabase will free up more of your time to spend cultivating your business. Using our panel of distribution partners, we can distribute any kind of printed item according to your personal choice.

We handle the whole process, from printing to distributing, taking the hassle out of our customers’ day. Alternatively, you can send pre-printed leaflets to us to be distributed.

How does it work?

The process is simple: the customer needs to decide what they’re distributing, the date of the distribution and the areas they are distributing to – this can be a whole postcode area or just a part of it. Perhaps a radius around a set postcode or a specific map area supplied – e.g. a delivery area for a takeaway or franchise area. Further selections can include the preferred date of distribution and if they wish to reach residential or business addresses or both.

We will handle all the organisation our end, choosing the most appropriate distributor for the area – e.g. the Royal Mail distribution service. Providing a professional, reliable service that you can rely on, our knowledge and expertise in the industry ensure our leaflet distribution campaigns provide maximum ROI.

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