Welcome to the Selectabase list tutorials. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your campaigns.

Get your new list from Selectabase
Your list is new and these prospects are hot, the sooner you contact them the sooner you will make sales. Remember, you snooze you lose!

You will need a great sales letter
A great sales letter makes your products or service stand out; use the easy tutorial to start building great sales letters or download one of those templates. Come on let’s make it happen people.

What response did you achieve?
Let’s look at the response and make some decisions about next months mailing. Do you may want to tweak your letter, improve (or dare I say it), decrease your offers attraction!

Boost response significantly
Many prospects expect, no, WANT you to call, don’t disappoint, download one of our telemarketing scripts to help you make effective telemarketing calls. Do it today!

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