Easy, low cost ‘do not call’ phone number checking services

Before you launch any kind of telemarketing work, you need to be sure that the numbers you are calling are safe to contact.

Call a telephone number registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) for consumers, or Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) for companies, and you could be facing legal action and even a fine. It’s easy to see that this is something that you really want to avoid doing – so we offer a service that ensures this won’t happen to you.

Selectabase are an official licensee of the TPS and CTPS and hold a full copy of both registers. These are downloaded and updated every day from the TPS Online website, therefore we can help you stay compliant with simple to use and instant TPS checking services. If your database of contact details features any numbers that you are not legally permitted to call, our checking service will flag them up.

Choose your preferred screening method:


Screen full lists of telephone numbers in one go

Simply copy and paste a list of phone numbers (up to 50,000 at a time), submit and the results are displayed in seconds. Alternatively, download the free EasyCheck software to screen full lists within Excel. Checks TPS, CTPS or MPS registers.
No contracts or tie ins, start with 25 free credits and then pay as you go.
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Single Number TPS Check

For checking one telephone number at a time

Just type in any UK telephone number to instantly check its status before you dial. Enter and check one number at a time against the ‘do not call’ lists.
Perfect for quick on-the-spot checks. Checks both TPS and CTPS registers simultaneously.
Use as much or as little as you like for just £20 per month. Cancel anytime. View demo
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Advanced TPS Solutions

Do you need to integrate a simple TPS checking facility into your internal dialler system or CRM?
Speak to a member of our team about our easy-to-use web API.
Dialler API TPS Check is JSON based and only requires you to call a specific URL to get an instant result.

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