How Marketing Agencies can use Prospect Download for Free Market Research

Marketing agencies and consultants can research their client’s markets free of charge using Prospect Download, the online list portal from Selectabase.

Agencies and consultants are often called upon to research potential markets for their clients. Prospect Download from Selectabase can help you research markets down to an incredibly detailed level, completely free of charge.

Prospect Download is an online list portal with different versions for business or consumer data. It’s free of charge to register, and once registered users can carry out unlimited counts from the Selectabase databases of over 2 million UK businesses and 34 million UK addresses.

There are a huge range of different selection criteria available to choose from, which means that agencies can identify the numbers of prospects for an incredibly detailed selection of market segments.

For example you can find out how numbers of businesses in different locations or nationwide based on industry, size, turnover and so on.

Likewise, the numbers of consumers can be identified for specific criteria including lifestage, property ownership, lifestyle, age, income and many more factors.

Therefore Prospect Download Business and Consumer can be used to:

  • Test and identify potential markets for clients by lifestyle or type
  • Identify the size of a potential audience in a specific geographic area
  • Identify how many businesses or consumers are within a radius from a specific location
  • Identify market size to help identify your clients market share

You can also save your selections for future use, in case your client wants to purchase data for use in a direct marketing campaign.

Get started with free marketing research at Prospect Download.