Direct mail campaigns are among the most successful ways of advertising your business.

In today’s hectic world of cluttered email inboxes, direct mailing still enjoys a response rate that is ten times greater than email marketing. It is a more personal approach that makes customers feel valued.

Although it is low-cost, direct mail can improve brand awareness and generate ROIs. You can mail brochures and magazines to clients and potential customers, telling them about your products and services.

Direct mail has many benefits:

  • Highly targeted – using mailing lists of potential customers, you can prepare a campaign aimed at persuading these customers to purchase your goods or services.
  • Highly measurable – with easy to measure results, of one or multiple direct mailing campaigns, keeping track of the responses to each mailing shot and calculating the profitability couldn’t be simpler.
  • Personalised campaign – addressing consumers by their name, direct mail can be highly individualised.
  • Cost effective – eye-catching, colourful brochures designed on desktop software enable thousands of copies to be printed off at an affordable price.
  • Flexible – each business can include as much information as they require, while sticking to a budget.

As a leading direct mail company, Selectabase can complete the direct mail process from start to finish with our data handling, design, print and distribution services.

We provide designs for brochures, postcards, catalogues, periodicals and more, including different types of outer coverings, including envelopes and polywrap.

Our full service direct mailing can organise clear, targeted marketing, with high or low volume fulfilment, data management, design and print services and multi-content pack fills – postal discounts are available.

Through our direct mail and email marketing services, we helped TutorExtra to reach out to their target audience, including teachers, trainers and childcare services, inviting them to use the TutorExtra platform.

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