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Prospect Download Consumer from Selectabase is our online, user-friendly B2C marketing data list portal.

Here, you can build postal mailing lists from a wide range of selection criteria for use with our print and post service, tailored to your specific mailing requirements.

Select your data by age, income, household/property type or value, MOSAIC type, and many other search criteria. Then, simply run your own counts and, when happy, save your list selection for later or order your list audience for use with our print and post service.

  • Reach millions of UK consumers through their addresses.
  • Backed by Experian’s ConsumerView database and PAF clean data.
  • Wide range of selection options including demographics, property details, and lifestyle factors.
  • No minimum order and affordable prices.
  • Complete print and post solution.

Start building your targeted direct mail list today!

Why Choose Prospect Download Consumer?

Prospect Download Consumer is a pay-as-you-go audience list building service. It enables you to select the specific type of B2C direct mail data that you require, for use with our print and post service. Counts are available 24/7 for your convenience.

Utilising Experian’s market-leading ConsumerView Database, the complete B2C database is regularly updated and rebuilt with fresh data every month. This ensures you reach accurate and targeted audiences.

Perfect for selecting B2C prospect audiences for national campaigns or local areas, the service is convenient and easy to use. We are here to assist you from start to finish, from audience selection through to mailing.

Build a List of Your Ideal Prospects

Choose exactly the kind of recipients you’re looking for and work with an Account Manager to arrange your targeted postal mailing.

  • Reach millions of UK consumers: Access millions of UK consumers with complete names and postal addresses.
  • Pinpoint your target audience: Utilise powerful postcode radius and mapping tools to target your preferred catchment area.
  • Granular selection: Select by individual type, age, affluence, home ownership, household occupancy, and many more criteria.
  • Refine your audience: Exclude previous mailed audiences or upload your own mailing lists to avoid duplicates.
  • Choose your quantity: Select a specific number of addresses to mail, with no minimum order!
  • 24/7 access: User-friendly interface with counts available 24/7 to fit your workflow.


What is Prospect Download Consumer?

Prospect Download Consumer is a pay-as-you-go list building service, enabling you to purchase the specific type of B2C direct mail data you require for use with our print and post service, all at an affordable price.

How does Prospect Download Consumer work?

Simply build your list, count the quantity of available prospects, order your list, then contact your Account Manager to arrange your targeted postal mailing.

What kind of data is available through Prospect Download Consumer?

While the core data for mailing includes Title, Forename, Surname, Postal Address, and Postcode, Prospect Download Consumer offers a vast range of selection criteria you can utilise to refine and target your mailing list. This allows you to create highly focused audience segments for impactful direct mail campaigns, seamlessly integrated with our print and post service.
Prospect Download Consumer provides a convenient and easy way to find and purchase high-quality, accurate, and fully legal B2C marketing lists specifically designed for direct mail campaigns.

Who provides Prospect Download Consumer ?

Prospect Download is provided by Selectabase, a leading UK independent direct marketing provider and member of the Direct Marketing Association.

Where is the information collected from?

The data used in Prospect Download Consumer is primarily sourced from Experian’s market-leading ConsumerView Database. Experian obtains this data compliantly from various reliable sources, including trusted data partners, government sources, publicly available data, and consumer and market research surveys.

How up to date is the data?

The Prospect Download Database is completely rebuilt every month with fresh and updated data.

Searches and counts

How do I get list counts?

You can access free counts of your selections from the Prospect Download Consumer database by registering (free of charge) and logging in to conduct your searches based on a wide range of selection criteria. This allows you to see how many potential customers meet your chosen criteria.

Will my information be passed on to third parties?

No, the registration information you provide will not be passed on to any third parties or used for any other purpose beyond your account with Selectabase.

Please note that as part of our standard data compliance process, the details of your intended mailing campaign and marketing materials may be shared confidentially with our data supplier, Experian, solely for the purpose of campaign approval and compliance with data protection regulations.

Your details may be used by Selectabase to update you on offers and products which may be of interest by email or mail, but you will always have a clear and easy way to opt-out of receiving such communications.

What criteria can I use to find a list?

Prospect Download Consumer offers a wide range of search criteria to help you build highly targeted mailing lists. You can select by demographics like age, income, and household size,  lifestyle factors like interests and purchasing behaviour, and even geographic location using powerful postcode radius tools.

For a complete overview of all available criteria, please visit the list builder page.

Why might my previous count have changed?

The Prospect Download Consumer database is regularly updated, so a previously saved search may now have different quantities available. When you order a saved search, you’ll automatically receive the latest data audience count.

Can I save my searches?

Yes! When you’re building your list on the Build Your List page, simply click “Save Search” before or after running a count. This allows you to easily save your selection criteria and give it a unique name for future reference.

Ordering and downloading

What does it cost?

The cost of your mailing list is calculated based on credits, which are determined by the quantity of addresses you require. Once you’ve built your list, contact your Account Manager for a final quote that includes both the list data and the full print and post service.

What data will I receive?

While we don’t usually provide the mailing list for download due to data protection regulations, we offer a comprehensive print and post service through Create & Post. This allows you to select your target audience and have us print and mail your marketing materials directly to them. When preparing the data for mailing purposes, we extract the following data fields: Title, Forename, Surname, Address Line 1-6, and Postcode.

If I order more than once will I get the same data audience?

No, if you exclude previous orders. you won’t get the same data audience if you order again. This is because you have the option to control who receives your mailings through the “Previous Orders to Exclude” option. You can choose to exclude previously mailed audiences or upload your own lists for suppression, ensuring you reach a fresh set of potential customers each time.

How much data can I order?

There is a limit of 50,000 records per order with Prospect Download. If you require larger volumes please contact us on 01304 383838.

Can I just order a limited number of prospects to fit my budget?

Absolutely! You can order any number of prospects to fit your budget. There’s no minimum quantity requirement. This allows you to start small and scale your campaigns as needed.

Once you’ve conducted a count, you can choose to order a smaller amount from the available results. Your cost in credits will automatically adjust based on your selected quantity.

How do I pay for my list?

Payment for all lists is required by credits. A batch of credits can be ordered in advance using a payment card. If you wish to top up and pay by bank transfer please contact us on 01304 383838. When paying by payment card please ensure you enter the correct address details associated with your card, so that your order passes our stringent fraud prevention measures.

How long will it take to process my data order?

Each data order typically takes only a few minutes to process and extract. Please allow approximately 1 working day for Selectabase and Experian to conduct a series of compliance and verification checks before authorising your consumer data order. These checks include:

  • Confirmation of your industry (business type or activity) and any relevant regulatory bodies (e.g., FCA for Financial Services).
  • Verification of your ICO registration as a data controller.
  • Review of your selection criteria to ensure responsible data usage.
  • Examination of your planned promotion and marketing materials for compliance.

If these checks have already been completed for your account, your data order will be processed promptly.

Once your order is approved (by Selectabase and potentially Experian), you will receive a confirmation email.

In rare cases, your data order may not be approved due to non-compliance with regulations. You will be promptly notified, the order cancelled, and any used credits refunded.

Can I get help when using Prospect Download?

Yes, you can call 01304 383838 to speak to one of our customer service team.

Using the data

What can I do with my list?

While we may have restrictions on releasing the mailing list due to data protection regulations, you can leverage our comprehensive print and post service, Create & Post, to maximise the value of your targeted audience.

Simply select your desired audience using Prospect Download Consumer and let us handle the rest. We’ll print and mail your marketing materials directly to your chosen recipients, ensuring a seamless and compliant campaign execution.

How often can I market to my list?

You have the option to select single usage of your list within 3 months or multiple usage within 12 months when placing your order.

To comply with GDPR regulations, it’s crucial to maintain data freshness. Prospect Download is updated monthly with a new data feed. Therefore, when re-using a list with a multiple-use license, you must utilise the latest data to ensure you’re only contacting valid individuals. Using the latest data helps ensure your marketing reaches accurate and up-to-date contacts, potentially leading to better campaign results.

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How it Works

  1. Build your list
    Choose from the available selection criteria to create your targeted prospect list.
  2. Count your prospects

    See how many potential customers meet your criteria.

  3. Order credits

    Top up your account with the amount of credits you need.

  4. Order your list

    Confirm your order, and pay using your credits.

  5. Send a postal mailing

    Speak to us about arranging the print, fulfilment and posting of your mailing.