We are passionate about ensuring that we comply with all legislation that is applicable to our business and that of our clients, in particular the GDPR and PECR which encompass data security, data protection rules and other privacy regulations.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office ((ICO) as a data controller, and all our data is sourced and processed appropriately within ICO guidelines.

Selectabase are members of The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and were one of the first organisations to be recognised as being fully compliant with The DMA’s Data Compliance Audit process. It is a condition of membership that the audit is conducted every 3 years. This full data audit was first carried out in 2017 by DQM GRC, a third-party auditor working on behalf of the DMA’s Data Compliance Audit process and the DMA’s Code of Practice.

As part of the audit process, the independent assessors reviewed our complete approach to key data issues such as:

  • Supplier and client relationships and contracts
  • Consent, privacy, security, age, engagement of data
  • Suppression policy
  • Data Retention policy
  • Staff training
  • Selection, extraction and delivery of data

Data Security

Rest assured that our data centre is extremely secure and includes:

  • Infrared CCTV and CCTV with 24 hour video capture covering all entrances and operational areas
  • Full EMP and Tempest Shield to data floors
  • Borer security card access system
  • 24 hour security guards and guard dogs permanently on site
  • Reinforced concrete walls up to 3 m thick
  • Layered security access
  • Solid steel doors weighing up to 7 tonnes
  • 3m high heavy duty security fence topped with barbed wire and buried 0.5 metres in the ground
  • Smoke and heat detection via fire alarm system
  • Firetrace detection and extinguishing system

Data is held and transmitted securely and only retained for the length of time that is reasonable and proportionate.

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Useful links

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