Telemarketing Tips – 6 Of The Best

Get ready for 6 of the best: our tops tips for making telephone follow up calls a little more fun (for both you and your victim).

Because using the phone for marketing campaigns is so important we’ve come up with some new tips for making those calls better and easier.

And we think they’re so blindingly simple they’re brilliant…

1. Why are you Calling?

It’s always a good idea to think about the reason you’ve phoned someone, before you pick up the phone rather than after they’ve answered it. ‘Eeeerrrrmm’, ‘uummmm’ and ‘oh!’ are not proven sales lines. Trust us.

2. Smile. Be Happy.

They say that when you smile the whole world smiles with you. That could be a little ambitious, but the person on the other end of the phone can definitely tell if you’re a happy bunny or not. And they’ll be more likely to buy from you. So dig out the Bobby McFerrin CD and get happy.

3. All Rise

Did you know that self proclaimed saviour of Radio 1 and breakfast show DJ Chris Moyles always stands to do his broadcasts? It’s something to do with diaphragms and breathing that make you speak and sound clearer. But I also think that sometimes standing on the phone or walking about can make you feel more dynamic and energetic, although you may need a portable handset. But don’t overdo it: jogging whilst phoning won’t get the same effect.

4. Know when to Zip it

The nervous caller never leaves a moments silence on the phone. Any gap in the conversation quickly gets filled. Sometimes with drivel. But don’t be afraid of a few gaps in the conversation. Sometimes saying nothing is far more effective. If you’ve asked a nice open question to your prospect, just going quiet for a moment to wait for a reply puts the onus on the prospect to come up with an answer. Under some very gentle pressure like this, you could get the positive answer you’re looking for.

5. Little and Often

Let’s be honest, telemarketing isn’t the most popular of activities. And you’re unlikely to be a trained telesales professional. So don’t try and too many calls in one go. It’ll just put you off making more calls. And will you really sound fresh as a daisy after your hundredth call? Break up your list into smaller chunks and try and do a little each day.

6. Be Helpful

Because you’re calling new businesses, they could actually be quite grateful for your call. They might not have found all their new suppliers yet, or may have missed something they need. So it could be worth taking a more helpful, rather than salesy approach to the call. You know they’re starting out, so you’re calling to see if they need help from your business, product or service: that type of thing.

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