Great Tips For Your Direct Marketing Campaign

To help you get the most from your marketing campaigns we have put together a few hints and tips that some of our customers effectively use in their campaigns.

Customers of Selectabase have access to a login area that gives access to more advanced marketing information, sample templates and a tutorial to show you how to write a direct mail letter.

Postage weights

Pay attention to postage weights, currently postage weights are banded, make sure you design your direct mail pieces to take advantage of the maximum weight in the band.


This happens a lot; A beautifully put together mailing is prepared, litho printed onto quality card, professionally written and designed. The offer is great, the mailing list was specially selected for the best prospects.

Unfortunately the mailing went out in stock white envelopes, or worse brown envelopes to save costs. Guess what the mailing went straight in the bin, not even opened. Use overprinting on envelopes to grab attention and make the recipient want to open it.

Handwritten envelopes

Only really practical with small mailings or special prospects, a hand written quality envelope with a stamp will almost always get opened by the prospect.

Include an incentive

An incentive to respond can really boost response, it need not be anything elaborate a simple £25 off for the first 100 customers can work wonders for response rates.

Follow Up

Telephone follow up can dramatically boost response, the customer is often expecting it, even wants it, it makes it easier for him to buy. Make sure you follow up all direct mail campaigns if you want the biggest return on investment.

Telemarketing scripts

No matter how experienced you may be with telemarketing always use a script, not necessarily the kind you read like a robot, but at least a list of points you want to cover in the call, it will keep you on track and in control. You are making those calls to sell not make friends a script will keep the calls brisk and business like.

Add a P.S. to your direct mail letters

A P.S. at the foot of the page is the second most read part of a direct mail letter after the headline. Use it to reiterate your sales message, it will get read.


Experiment with different colour papers, paper with a slight tint will stand out amongst the mass of white that arrives in the post each day.

Call to action

So many mailing letters miss this essential part, you have been so busy selling the product or service your forget to tell the customers what you want them to do!

The final paragraph should always include a call to action.


Any marketer would do well to remember this mnemonic:

  • A= Attract
  • I = Interest
  • D= Desire
  • A = Action

Attract; Attract your target with colours image or words Interest; Engage your target by capturing and maintain his interest Desire; Make him want your product or service Action: Tell him what he needs to do to get it.

AIDA it will serve you well!


Boring A4 is well… boring. A4, everyone uses it. Experiment with A5, A3 folded, special shapes, anything that will stand out. Unless your offer is exceptional something printed single colour on plain A4 paper is destined for the bin.

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