Your Response

Once the letters have gone out, you will need a way of tracking responses that come back. It may be that you are using other methods of marketing and you should accurately track how many responses you received specifically from your mailing campaign.

Measure the response and consider

Did you mail your prospects soon after receiving them? Were the responses followed up? How many sales were achieved? Was the reply method effective? Was the offer right for this target audience?

If you got everything right with the first mailing well done, you can look forward to next month. Don’t forget you can increase the geography of your subscription and receive more leads, simply contact us on 01304 383838.

If your response was not as good as you wanted, look at everything again, go back to step 1 of our tutorial, tweak a few things, small changes can make a huge difference. If you forgot before remember the P.S. is the second most read part of the direct mail letter after the heading, it is where you want to hammer home your message – make it work for you.

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