Why follow up with a telephone call?

Normal direct mail generally gets a response rate of around 2% depending upon the skill of the marketer, the data and the product or service being offered. Following up with a telephone call can boost response rate to 10%. That’s 8% more response to each mailing, responses mean sales, sales mean money, how much do you want it?

Why use a script?

There are good scripts and bad scripts. We have all had calls from a sales person reading like a parrot from a prepared script- that is a bad script.

A good script uses a flow chart to keep the sales call moving along the right direction and provides a prompt to overcome objectives that prospects may raise.

We have a range of downloadable scripts that you can use or adapt to suit yourselves, a bad script is for parrots, a good script will help you make more sales- use a good script!

I don’t like making telemarketing calls.

Let us let you into a secret- nobody really likes making sales calls, even the hard nosed ad sales people.

But we know that they work. Often, after a mailing, your prospect wants or expects you to call, they are disappointed when you don’t. They want what you are offering they just need a little shove to buy.

Many people break the task down into chunks, if you have 100 prospects to follow up a whole day cold calling is going to be hard work, break it into smaller chunks and do 25 at a time, share it out amongst other people or even contract it out to a telemarketing company.

Good Example Telemarketing Script

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