Tips & Tricks

Writing great sales letters is a skill, we help you prepare great sales letters either with the tutorial or the standard templates, Don’t leave it to chance, use our powerful templates and tutorials that help you write letters that sell.

Pay attention to the layout and presentation.
Cheap paper looks cheap. Poorly selected “Clip Art” dotted around to fill white space does not look good and DON’T use brown envelopes, they look like bills. Invest a few extra pence in better quality paper, don’t go mad, you generally don’t need watermarked parchment, but a quality 100gsm white paper looks good.

If you printer cartridge is low change it!
Squeezing another 50 feint copies out of that tired old cartridge might save a few pence but to the recipient it will look like you can’t be bothered. Penny pinching here will not pay dividends.

If you have a small list why not hand address the envelopes?
A hand addressed envelope with a stamp will almost always get opened, it does not look like a bill or direct mail. Make sure you handwriting is neat and clear, if it is not get someone else to address the letters. If you want to be really clever take a day trip to France and post from there, who can resist a hand addressed letter with a foreign stamp?

Good Example Letters

Email Marketing

If your list was able to be supplied with email addresses, you can covert some of your sales letter content into an email. Pay attention to choosing a good subject that will interest the reader and not prompt them to delete it straight away! For your message depending on your product or service, consider short and to the point emails. This works better if you are looking to prompt an initial response with more information to follow. It is good practice to include a good call to action, a clear method of response to find out more such as your website address and telephone number. Generally though with email marketing there is a whole host of considerations. Speak to your account manager for more specific advice.