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Oct 04 2011

Smaller Regular Mailings can be Better than a Large Campaign

If you’re about to embark on a direct mail campaign it can be tempting to think big and mail a large sized list in one big hit to try and generate instant and impressive results. But there is much to be said for approaching direct mail in a smaller scale and more targeted fashion.

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Aug 30 2011

Create and Post Mailing Service Launched by Selectabase

Selectabase have responded to customer demand by launching a new direct mail fulfilment service called Create and Post. The service aims to offer a low cost and simple way to send mailing letters to Selectabase databases or any other mailing lists.

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Aug 11 2011

Direct Mail as part of a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

How does direct mail fit into a multichannel approach to marketing?

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Apr 21 2011

The Importance of Mailing your Website Enquiries and Customers

Most websites contain a mechanism for collecting data on your visitors or customers, but are you then following up on this valuable information with a mailing?

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Mar 28 2011

What can PPC learn from direct marketing?

Looking at the two disciplines of PPC and direct marketing individually, what parallels, lessons or procedures can be applied from one to the other?

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Mar 21 2011

Direct Mail Making Efforts to Meet Environmental Concerns

The Direct Marketing industry is continuing to make efforts to improve itsĀ  environmental track record through more efficient operations, accurate data targeting and use of recycled materials.

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Mar 11 2011

The Benefits of Hybrid Mail for Direct Marketing

One of the fastest growing areas of direct mail fulfillment and delivery is that of Hybrid Mail. This new technique allows senders to mail personalised mailers more efficiently and offers a number of benefits for small businesses..

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