While modern machinery can carry out many tasks quickly and efficiently, such as polywrapping or envelope insertion, there will always be projects that require hand fulfilment.

This might be because of the shape, size, number or nature of the items to be inserted, or the design of the mailing pack.

Our hand fulfilment team can help! Whether you wish to mail a few hundred or even thousands of items, we can find the ideal solution. Whatever the nature of your project, we will ensure the mailing process is complete – including fixing an item to the front of a magazine or brochure, matching a number of addresses, or using cartons, polybags or jiffy bags.

We offer a number of options including low volume fulfilment, daily fulfilment, multi-content pack fills, postage stamp mailings, tip-on membership cards, and two, three or four-way matching.

Our labelling service is applicable for products, envelopes and cartons, cover-mounting of gifts, DVDs and CDs, pack collation, packaging, boxing and polybagging.

Highly experienced in a wide range of services, our hand fulfilment team will comply with your campaign requirements. If we cannot fully automate the mailing process, we are always able to provide an alternative by-hand solution.

Take the stress out of your mailing dilemmas by giving us a call on 01304 383838. We’re always happy to help!

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