So, what are the benefits of bulk mailing?

Bulk mail is mainly used for marketing purposes and involves sending a large quantity of identical letters to different addresses at a lower rate. Postage savings make it the most cost-effective mailing solution. Reaching a larger audience, its versatility will boost publicity for your company and subsequently increase sales. The initial investment is offset by the beneficial returns.

By profiling existing and typical clients, this helps you to find more potential customers. You can easily monitor the outcomes through response rates, and the cost is considerably lower than single-item postage.

Why choose Selectabase?

When you choose Selectabase to handle your bulk mail requirements, this enables you to devote more time to cultivating your business. We will handle everything for you, including sorting, designing, printing, packaging and delivery.

By ensuring that premium-quality bulk mail is produced on schedule, it will reach your clients promptly within the required timeframe. Selectabase can take the hassle out of printing and sending direct mail with our Create and Post mailing service.

What are the options?

We offer two services: our complete mailing house solution means we will send any form of mail-out to any number of addresses; our hybrid mailing service utilises A4 sales letters in C5 envelopes to send professional mail to your target audience at a reasonable price.

Our complete mailing house solution ensures that whether you want to send 500 or one million letters, brochures, postcards or multiple inserts, we have the specialist equipment to manage your order efficiently.

A cost-effective and time-efficient option that is enormously valuable for your business, customers love our online hybrid mailing service.

We can quote on all bulk mailings, regardless of numbers, format, size or weight.

Request a quote by giving us a call on 01304 383838 or by using the “Quick Enquiry” online form.

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