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Are you experiencing email delivery problems? Use our new email address list cleaning service and avoid emailing undeliverable addresses.

Fill in the form below and we can contact you to confirm if your email addresses actually exist and are active.

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How many email addresses in your database are actually active?

We can perform a report to check if your email addresses are OK, BAD or UNKNOWN.

  • “OK” – This means the email is deliverable
  • “BAD” – The email is invalid, i.e. not deliverable
  • “UNKNOWN” – The email passes basic syntax and domain checks, but we can’t fully validate the mailbox

We check the full email address mailbox, e.g. does “abc@selectabase.co.uk” actually exist. Our system then checks every email address in 3 stages:

  1. Syntax – email address expected format e.g. first.last@anydomain.com
  2. Domain – is it configured to accept emails
  3. The existence of the mailbox (known as a SMTP check)

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