Avoid wasted time and money calling dead numbers

Are you wasting time calling dead numbers? Use our live mobile and landline verification service and clean your list.

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Originally developed to solve a problem for a large telecoms operator, the landline and mobile verification service performs a “sniff test” to identify the status of a landline telephone number without actually dialling the number. We guarantee that there will be no silent or abandoned calls – landlines are checked automatically with no disturbance.

Our report includes details on the following line conditions:

– Live: The number is working
– Dead: The number does not connect
– Changed Number (announcement message): The number has changed
– Invalid: The number is not a valid phone number

Fast, efficient and fully compliant

This unique STEALTH technology guarantees the service is fast, accurate, legal and fully compliant with industry best practices.  Subscribers are completely unaware that their telephone line has been passively “tested” and the methods we use ensure they are NEVER denied service (ie Dial Tone) at ANY stage – All checks conducted are done so with the full carrier approval.

The landline and mobile verification service is compliant with OFCOM regulations and fully adheres to direct marketing guidelines.

Our pricing is fair and simple. The more numbers you check the lower the rate!

Only £95 per list and then a cost per 1,000 numbers submitted.

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