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If you need to make contact with a wide range of Financial services in the UK, Selectabase can provide the high quality data you need. We understand that your prospect and customer databases are the lifeline of your business. It’s why we only offer high quality data to help you connect with the right businesses and customers throughout the UK.

No matter what you provide to Financial services, whether you are offering specialist training services, IT solutions, recruitment opportunities, or any other product or service, you need riche information to target the right audience. At Selectabase we specialise in industry-specific data lists. We can offer you up-to-date contact information from a comprehensive list of Financial Services the UK.

  • Easy access to millions of UK business records
  • Quality data captured from a range of sources
  • Comprehensive coverage of all limited companies, public limited companies and the non-corporate sector
  • A wealth of selections including business size, contact name, telephone number, and more
  • No minimum order, affordable prices and as a new user claim 10 free credits to get you started

Successful Marketing Starts with High Quality Data

Excellent data is the starting point for achieving excellent results. To make sales you need to be knocking on the right doors, so to speak. That’s why we’ve developed postcode radius and mapping tools to help you select the businesses you want to target in all the right places. We want to provide you with the right information to move your business forward.

If you are refining your own marketing data, we can also enhance and clean your current lists to save you valuable time and money. We offer email and landline verification so you can avoid wasting time on undeliverable emails and calling dead numbers. We make it our business to offer only the most up-to-date data lists and help you refine your own databases to keep you one step ahead in your marketing campaigns. Our fresh contacts are available in easily downloadable formats to make your marketing campaigns as straightforward as possible.

Financial Services Mailing Lists

Sourcing potential sales leads isn’t always easy, but with Selectabase’s mailing lists you’ll have a source of up-to-date, viable business contacts at your fingertips. Whether you are launching a national marketing campaign, carrying out market research, or targeting a specific area, we can help you.

We use Experian’s market-leading National Databases because we know the databases are cleaned regularly and are completely rebuilt every month with fresh updated data. If you plan to purchase telephone numbers for a telemarketing campaign, Experian runs daily checks against the individual and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (TPS and CTPS) to refine the data, which means you won’t waste time with any out-of-date contact information. Our mailing list service is easy to use and available to download 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. For new customers there is an initial approval process, but once you’re set up with us, you’ll have access to new data lists in a matter of minutes.

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