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Reduce costs and improve the impact of your marketing campaigns by taking advantage of our Mail Preference Service: our screening services reduce risks and ensure you comply with the latest General Data Protection Regulation.

Names and addresses of consumers who have told us they want to limit how much direct mail they receive are stored on the MPS Consumer File. The British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing requires list-owners and users to use the MPS Consumer File. The process is administered by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Using the file is also a requirement of the Direct Marketing Association’s Code of Practice.

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Ways to check addresses against the MPS register

Excel plugin & Windows app

Excel plugin & Windows app

Check TPS numbers and MPS addresses live from your PC

You can check your data against the live TPS, CTPS and MPS registers instantly without sending your precious data away.

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Data Enhancement

Data Enhancement

Are you making the most of your own data?

Our Data Enhancement service provides a wide range of data cleansing and enhancement services to save you valuable time and money.

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