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Target your marketing to consumers who are celebrating a birthday.

The Birthday Mailings direct marketing list can be a hugely valuable service if you are looking for a unique way to promote your business to new customers – do it just before their birthday! Birthday Mailings is an extensive list of more than 11 million customers that can be targeted either by locality or by age.

Targeting birthdays can be a hugely lucrative idea as customers and potential clients tend to have additional spending power and desire to buy at this time. If your company is looking to source new customers then you should include upcoming birthdays from your local area as part of your sales and marketing strategy.

Studies have conclusively shown that a direct mail marketing program tied to birthdays provides one of the highest response rates of any form of advertising. This means that birthday mailings direct marketing can be one of the cost-effective solutions available to any business looking to boost its customer base.

The biggest challenge is getting first time customers and forging a relationship with them. Birthday Mailings makes it easy and affordable to drive new business and keep them coming back. In fact, combined with your offer, you could enjoy add on sales that offset the entire cost of the campaign!

Why Birthday Mailings?

Local Birthday Marketing Campaigns

Subscribe to Birthday Mailings for a monthly list of consumers celebrating a birthday, ideal for promoting leisure and retail services. Send an invite to celebrate their birthday with your business!

Promote Your Service, Venue or Outlet to Consumers on their Birthday.

Consumers are always going to spend money on their birthday and you can attract some of that spend with Birthday Mailings from Selectabase. A consumer celebrating a birthday will spend money spoiling themselves and will also influence spending from their circle of friends and family.

From a 21st birthday to graduation, learning to drive, to turning forty, and on to retirement.

With Birthday Mailings you can select local consumers celebrating a birthday. And you can rest assured your data will be fully checked and up to date. Selectabase is an independent marketing list expert, and a member of the DMA.

Data from the Birthday Mailings database can be used to promote a wide range of products and services, on a local or national level. You can mail them with a special invite, a promotional offer, or even a birthday card!

Birthdays trigger spending!

A birthday is always a great excuse for customers to spend money, come out and celebrate.

People are in a celebratory mood on their birthday so they’ll spend MORE MONEY when they go out, they like to celebrate their special day with other people, which means potentially MORE CUSTOMERS for you.

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