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Your window of opportunity to help fulfil their many needs!

Our New Brides mailing list can be a fantastic way for your business to reach the customers you are looking for. This can be an excellent source of sales leads that are highly relevant to you.

Every month you will receive a prospect list of all the new brides-to-be in the postcode areas you specify. Lists include their full contact details and their date of wedding, budget, and number of guests. You couldn’t hope for better-qualified data. The data is always very fresh and accurate, making it easier for you to achieve high quality conversion rates.

All of the brides-to-be included within the New Brides database have registered their details online with a leading UK wedding website and bridal magazine. Their information is captured at a time when they are actively seeking wedding services and have opted in to receive offers and information from third parties. This means that they are likely to be looking for a broad variety of services and products – and you could provide them.

Curious how many new brides-to-be are appearing near your postcode? Just call 01304 383838.

Why New Brides?

Looking for more business?

If you have a product or service offering for the wedding market then tap into this endless source of quality sales leads every month.

Direct marketing made easy

Your subscription gives you a constant and easily manageable supply of new bride-to-be sales leads. New Brides sends you a monthly list of new brides-to-be from your chosen postcode areas, and ready to follow up by mail. Your bride-to-be leads include full contact details together with details of budget, number of guests, and wedding date. This is the ideal audience for direct mail and online offers since the months leading up to their big day are crucial when making life changing decisions.

Sales leads hot off the press

New Brides data is current and up to date, so your leads are at their most responsive to help you achieve the best possible conversion rates. You also have the reassurance that New Brides data is collected in accordance with data protection guidelines and cross-referenced against the Mailing Preference Service for your protection. In fact, everything’s ready for you to start selling your products or services with confidence.

Target just the areas you need

Your New Brides subscription can be targeted geographically so you can receive sales leads from your local area or even different locations.


What is New Brides?

New Brides is a unique direct marketing solution that provides you with a fresh monthly list of new brides-to-be in your chosen postcode area.

New Brides provides a constant and easily manageable source of potential new customers that simply have to be followed up by mail. The list also includes planned wedding date, giving you the opportunity to perfectly time your marketing campaign.

New Brides is a subscription-based service.

Why should I be marketing to brides-to-be?

These brides-to-be are in the midst of a huge transition that involves wedding and honeymoon planning. They have much to do, much to buy, and a limited window of time in which to do it. This is your chance to help fulfil their need for your particular product or service.

Capitalise on life events that significantly impact spending. Opportunities exist with the celebration of their engagement, wedding, honeymoon, future life events, and anniversaries.

Strike while the iron is hot!

How do you obtain New Brides information?

All of the brides-to-be included within the New Brides database have registered their details online with a leading UK wedding website and bridal magazine. The information is captured at a time when they are actively seeking wedding services and have opted in to receive offers and information from third parties.

In return for registering their details all brides-to-be are entered into a prize draw for a variety of wedding related prizes. These can include a honeymoon, wedding dress, cake, photography or even the possibility of a fully paid wedding.

New Brides is provided by Selectabase Ltd an independent provider of direct marketing solutions. Selectabase has been established since 1996 and is an active member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

Tracking down potential new clients can be difficult. We do the hard work for you, putting you in control with a monthly New Brides update.

What sorts of businesses can benefit from New Brides?

An extremely wide range of businesses from many different sectors find New Brides a proven source of new business. Subscribers range from small local businesses targeting their immediate local area, through to larger organisations undertaking nationwide campaigns.

Industry sectors that experience particular success with New Brides include wedding venues, hair and beauty, restaurants, wedding dresses, suit hire, honeymoon travel, caterers, musicians, hen and stag services, department stores, jewellers, photographers, videographers, florists, wedding cakes, wedding cars, fireworks, spa and salon services, hotels, credit cards, financial services (loans), magazine subscriptions, gift services, and many more.

What response can I expect?

New Brides subscribers receive a range of different response rates from their list, depending on the product or service and the special offer promoted

Only a few new clients from the service generally provides a fruitful return of investment and you have the opportunity to keep in regular contact with new brides as their wedding planning progresses.

To order, simply complete the short form above or contact us.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at just £39 per month depending on the size of geographical area you wish to include and the typical number of new brides-to-be registering each month.

What information is included in the data?

New Brides collects full contact details for each bride-to-be and delivers the following information:

– Full name
– Full postal address
– Email address
– Date of wedding
– Budget of wedding
– Qty of guests

Note that telephone number are available to order offline.

To order, simply complete the short form above or contact us.

How close to their wedding are they?

The lead time from when we supply you with details of a bride-to-be and their wedding date naturally will vary generally from 6 months to 2 years before their planned wedding day. New Brides captures all new registrations this month and then sends you these details at the beginning of next month meaning you receive the freshest information possible.

The wedding date we provide will be the date provided by the bride-to-be at the time they registered their details.

Who provides New Brides?

New Brides is provided by Selectabase Ltd, an independent provider of direct marketing solutions. Selectabase is an established company providing a range of high quality solutions including consumer lists, business lists, mailing services, and data cleansing.

Selectabase is an active member of the Direct Marketing Association.

How will I receive my list?

Simply login at and download your list.

We will send you an email notification when your list is ready. The list is available in various data formats (xls, csv, csv mac and rtf) so it can be easily opened as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or other office software. This means you can either import the list straight into your existing database or run a mail merge directly from the data.

To order, simply complete the short form above or contact us.

When will I receive my list?

The monthly update is processed in the first week of a new month. So you can access the most recent data and contact these brides as soon as possible we add the new lists to your online account ready to download the CSV files (spreadsheet list) by the 7th working day of the month.

The regular update allows you to prepare and plan your marketing resources around the next download so you can use it straight away, when it is most powerful.

When you subscribe you’ll normally start with the next scheduled monthly data. However if you wish to start marketing straight away, we can provide the current month’s data immediately upon request.

What should I do with my list?

As time is of the essence, you should decide what outcome you need from your prospects before you receive your list of new brides. Outcomes might be an initial/trial order, an invitation to your business, or a brochure request. When you get your New Brides list you can then contact your prospects immediately.

Many of our clients find an introductory mailing produces quick results. We can also help with copy and postage with our Create & Post package. For maximum return you should keep min regular contact as decisions are made at various stages of the wedding planning.

Because you receive a steady flow of contacts each month, the numbers are easily manageable.

Are any of my competitors already subscribing to New Brides?

To ensure the lists are not saturated with offers, and to provide you with the best quality prospects, we tend to limit the service to a maximum number of subscribers working in exactly the same line of business for each geographic target area. However in our experience it is rare you will find another business already subscribing that will be promoting exactly the same product or service with the same special offer within the same geographical area as yourself.

If your postcode area has the maximum number of subscribers you can ask to be added to the waiting list.

How can I order a subscription?

You can subscribe to New Brides data lists online by completing the required form.

Alternatively you can obtain counts and subscribe by calling our team of experienced customer service advisers during office hours on 01304 383838.

What payment methods are available?

You can purchase your New Brides subscription online or by telephone using a payment card.

Fully paid annual subscriptions ordered offline can also be paid by a bank payment if preferred.

Can I take a break from my monthly data lists?

Yes. You can pause your subscription or take a break from your monthly deliveries at any time by notifying us in writing (by post or email).

Who can I speak to about New Brides?

You can call our experienced customer service team during office hours on 01304 383838.

Already a subscriber?

If you already have a subscription with us, download your list in your account section.