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Discover new business start-ups every month with our premium New B2B service

If you already have a subscription with us, download your list in your account section.

Looking for new business?

If you sell to other businesses, you can generate fresh high-quality leads from start-ups and new businesses using our New B2B service.

If you already have a subscription with us,
you can download the list in your account section.

Open up new markets and generate leads for your product or service

New B2B is the proven way to generate new sales from quality leads of new potential customers in your area. Your New B2B subscription will provide you with a constant and easy-to-manage flow of new sales leads direct to your inbox.

Every month you will receive a prospect list of all the new businesses in the postcode areas you specify – including limited companies and sole traders. We will give you their full contact details, all fully verified and ready for you to follow up with direct sales or marketing.

Sales leads hot off the press

New B2B data is current and up-to-date so you will achieve the best possible conversion rates. You can rest assured that all New B2B data has been checked for accuracy and cross-referenced against telephone, fax and mailing preference service files for your protection. In fact, everything’s ready for you to start selling your products or services with confidence.

Target only the areas you need

Your New B2B subscription can be targeted geographically so you receive local sales leads, or information from whichever areas you choose. New B2B allows you to get local information fast, or explore and target new markets.

Act quickly and you can be supplying new businesses before your competitors even know they exist!

To receive the best possible leads, simply fill in your details at the top of the page. You can also call us on 01304 382211 or email

Make New B2B part of your sales and marketing strategy

New and changing businesses are a constant feature of the economic landscape, and start-ups can often become much more profitable customers for you than established businesses.

If your company is looking to source new customers it is vital you include new and changing businesses from your local area as part of your sales and marketing strategy.

There will always be entrepreneurs keen to launch their own business. Other businesses need to expand, relocate or change ownership. And all of these changing businesses can benefit from the products and services you supply. New business contacts from NewB2B represent a valuable and never-ending sales opportunity for suppliers of an extremely wide range of goods and services.

New business start-ups have a wide range of needs

When a new business starts trading it usually needs to source practically everything from scratch. Their needs are wide ranging and include everything from recruitment and financial advice through to office furniture, IT, marketing and printing. And their initial purchases in these areas are likely to be far greater than for more established and mature businesses.

New business start-ups are a growing market

Even in difficult economic circumstances, new businesses keep on starting up. At a time when other sectors or types of customer may be in decline, new business start-ups are constantly being created.

  • People will look to self-employment for a new career after redundancy.
  • Family members who haven't worked before start their own business to bring additional income into the household.
  • Businesses which have been trading as part of a larger organisation may decide to go it alone.

New business start-ups are ready to buy now

New businesses are in a position to make buying decisions quickly, because they need to get trading as soon as possible. This can make your sales effort far easier and your sales far more profitable. Start-ups are much more receptive to new suppliers than mature businesses so it’s easier to get a foot in the door.

New business start-ups will increase your market share

Getting your products or services sold to businesses when they first start up can help you steal a march on your competitors. Act quickly and you can become supplier to a new business before your competitors even know they exist. If you operate in a specific industry sector, new entrants are the lifeblood of that sector, and exploiting them can help you increase your market share.

New business start-ups make loyal long-term customers

New business owners often need a little extra help, guidance and advice from their suppliers. If you can provide this support alongside your products or services, you'll build potential long-term customers for your business, with the added bonus that these customers will be far less likely to defect to your competitors.

In summary, if your company – like most businesses – is looking to source new customers, you need to be targeting new business start-ups in your local area, region or industry as part of your sales and marketing strategy.

To grow your business month on month, simply click the button below and fill in your details. You can also call us on 01304 382211 or email

If you already have a subscription with us, you can download the list in your account section.

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New B2B is a unique direct marketing solution that provides you with a monthly list of all the latest new and changing businesses in your chosen postcode area or industry sector.

New B2B is provided by Selectabase Ltd, an independent provider of direct marketing solutions. Established in 1996, Selectabase is an established and active member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). We are independent experts and thus not limited to a single source of information.

Subscribing to New B2B provides a constant and easily manageable source of new business contacts for you to follow up by letter or telephone.

An opportunity to reach a new untapped audience, new and changing businesses are a proven source of new business. They often have pressing and wide-ranging requirements, so are highly receptive to a range of products and services.

New businesses also have the potential to grow into loyal long-term clients. Especially if you can reach them at the earliest opportunity and deliver solutions to their needs.

As a minimum the service gives you the local insight into who’s opening up around you even if it’s a competitor! Subscribe now!

New B2B information is identified from the new updates and additions to the UK database of approximately 3 million trading business records. Every month this database goes through a full update process to clean, update, remove and add businesses. New B2B identifies the businesses new in database, relocating, new branches, change of function and change of ownership.

The update utilises, online and offline business directories, a central database of UK business telephone numbers, credit reference agencies, companies house, and other third party contributors.

Tracking down potential new clients can be difficult when you have existing customers to service. Your monthly New B2B update means we do the hard work for you. Subscribe now!

An extremely wide range of businesses from many different sectors find New B2B a proven source of new business. Our subscribers range from small ventures looking to target their immediate local area, through to larger organisations seeking to develop their presence in specific regions or target new and changing businesses nationwide.

Industry sectors that experience particular success with New B2B include accountants, business services, consultants, design and print, financial advisers, internet services, IT, office supplies, recruitment, security, solicitors, tax advisers, telecommunications, training, utilities and web design. Subscribe now!

New B2B subscribers receive a range of different response rates from their list. Key factors for success are the relevance of your service, the quality of your letter and the prompt use of telephone follow up.

New B2B can help you stay ahead of your competitors by putting you in touch with new business start-ups in your target area. Because of this New B2B boasts a number of clients that have been subscribing to the service for many years. Subscribe now!

New B2B subscriptions are available from as little as £49 per month. The cost of your New B2B subscription is based on the size of the geographic area you wish to include and its accompanying business population. Generally, the bigger the area the higher the cost.

To give you an idea of the quantity of data to expect, we will also advise the average number of prospects generated by your area over a 12-month period. Subscribe now!

New B2B data includes full contact details for each business (download Example list). The following data fields are provided where available:

  • Business Name
  • Postal Address
  • Contact Name
  • Type of Business (eg Solicitor, Car Dealer, Restaurant…)
  • New B2B Type (eg New Business in Database)
  • Delivery Month
  • Number of Employees
  • Type of Premises

Telephone numbers are also available to order as an optional extra offline.
Subscribe now!

New B2B area data includes a broad spectrum of different industries, in line with the huge variety of businesses that are starting up every month.

As well as new business start-ups, we provide details of businesses that are changing ownership, relocating or opening new branches. All of these changes stimulate new purchasing decisions and create valuable opportunities for your goods or services.

New B2B Industry also offers UK subscriptions targeting only specific industries if required. Subscribe now!

New B2B is provided by Selectabase Ltd, an independent provider of direct marketing solutions. Selectabase is an established company providing a range of high quality business solutions including consumer lists, business lists, mailing services, and data cleansing. Selectabase is an active member of the Direct Marketing Association. Subscribe now!

Each monthly list of New B2B information is extracted from the most recent update. This means you only receive information about the most recent business changes in your area – those businesses most likely to need your services. Subscribe now!

We will send you an email notification when your list is ready. Simply login at and download your list. Lists are available in various data formats (xls, csv, csv mac and rtf), which can be easily opened as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or other office software (view Example). This means you can either import the list straight into your existing database or run a mail merge directly from the data. Subscribe now!

The monthly update is processed in the first week of a new month. So you can access the most recent data and contact these businesses as soon as possible we add the new lists to your online account ready to download the CSV files (spreadsheet list) by the 7th working day of the month.

The regular update allows you to prepare and plan your marketing resources around the next download so you can use it straight away, when it is most powerful.

When you subscribe you'll normally start with the next scheduled monthly data. However if you wish to start marketing straight away, we can provide the current month's data immediately upon request. Subscribe now!

As time is of the essence, you should decide what outcome you need from your prospects before you receive your list of new businesses. Outcomes might be an initial/trial order, an appointment or a brochure request. When you get your New B2B list you can contact your prospects immediately.

Many of our clients find an introductory mailing produces quick results. We can also help with copy and postage with our Create & Post package. For maximum return you could follow-up your mailing with a simple telephone call - contact us offline to add telephone numbers to your regular lists.

Because you receive a steady flow of contacts each month, the numbers are easily manageable. By selecting the correct area/industry data even the smallest business can create steady growth by contacting a handful of businesses each day. Subscribe now!

In our experience it is rare you will find another business already subscribing who are promoting exactly the same offer, product, service or package to the same geographic area as you.

To ensure our lists are not saturated with offers, and to provide you with the best quality prospects, we limit the service to a maximum number of subscribers working in exactly the same line of business for each geographic target area.

If your area is unavailable you will be offered an alternative, or you can be added to the waiting list for your preferred area. Subscribe now!

You can subscribe to New B2B data lists by completing the online form. Alternatively you can obtain counts and subscribe by calling our team of experienced customer service advisers during office hours on 01304 382211. Subscribe now!

You can purchase your New B2B subscription online or by telephone using a payment card. Fully paid annual subscriptions ordered offline can also be paid by a bank payment if preferred. Subscribe now!

Yes. You can pause your subscription or take a break from your monthly deliveries at any time by notifying us in writing (by post or email). Subscribe now!

You can call our experienced customer service team during office hours on 01304 382211. Subscribe Now! or Request a Callback

If you have any further questions, you can contact us on 01304 382211 or email

If you already have a subscription with us, you can download your list in your account section.

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