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Oct 11 2013

October Update

Exciting news, we have just completed a full rebuild & refresh of our marketing data lists. Customers can now select from over 2.6 million UK businesses, 37 million UK consumers, the latest new businesses opening, individuals with a birthday approaching and even details of new brides-to-be – all available now!

Lists can be ordered directly from our website, or you can call our experienced team on 01304 382211.

Mar 20 2012

March 2012 New B2B Trends

Welcome to the March New B2B round-up of useful marketing trends for businesses in the UK.

Each month we bring you the latest trends amongst UK businesses and consumers, all drawn from the range of Selectabase direct marketing lists. According to the most recent month’s data we identified the following…..

March 2012

This month 4,495 new business start ups were identified by New B2B from Selectabase. Domestic Cleaners were the most popular type of start up in the UK with a whopping 111 Domestic Cleaners captured in March 2012. We also identified an additional 8 Domestic Cleaners who either relocated, changed ownership, were a new branch or franchise or had a change of function.

Why Domestic Cleaners?

Like us, you may be asking “Why Domestic Cleaners”? As we found from there are plenty of reasons to start up a Domestic Cleaning Business;

“A cleaning business is a popular choice for sole traders. In theory all you need is a sponge, a bottle of Flash and some good old elbow grease.

Cleaning businesses cover everything from one cleaner with a couple of domestic properties to maintain each week, to a large commercial business with thousands of staff on the books. There are domestic cleaners, office cleaners, hospital and school cleaners and then let’s not forget the other niches in this industry such as carpet, window and vehicle cleaners.

According to the Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA), the cleaning and support services industry is worth around £10bn, and employs approximately 820,000 people. The industry is traditionally dominated by small organisations, with around a third of all UK cleaning staff working within companies with no more than nine employees.”

What is New B2B?

New B2B from Selectabase is a unique direct marketing solution that provides you with a monthly list of all the latest new and changing businesses in your chosen postcode area. New B2B provides a constant and easily manageable source of new business leads that simply have to be followed up by letter or telephone. With New B2B you can select the opportunity type, postcode area and even industry type. This means if you are a supplier to a specific industry we can help! Visit for more info now!

Aug 04 2011

Latest Suppression Statistics Highlight Need for Data Cleansing

The latest figures for UK consumers and business which have chosen not to receive unsolicited mailing or phone calls highlight the need for businesses to screen and clean their data on a regular basis.

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Dec 15 2010

Guide to the Telephone Preference Service

The Telephone Preference Service, or TPS, affects every UK business which uses the telephone. It doesn’t matter if you sell to the public or to businesses, the TPS still matters, so it’s worth reading our reminder of how the TPS works and it’s implications for your business.

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Sep 13 2010

Do Your Customers Deserve a Thank You?

Imagine your business has just won it’s industry equivalent of the Oscars. Who will you remember to thank in your acceptance speech? Your staff, suppliers, accountant or bank manager even? How about remembering a small thank you for the most important people of all – your customers.

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Aug 23 2010

Telephone Preference Service (TPS) Registrations Reach New High

The numbers of both UK home and business phone numbers registered with the Telephone Preference Service, or TPS, has reached a new high. Nearly 18 million UK addresses have now registered a home telephone number with the TPS, and almost 2 million businesses are registered with the CTPS, the business version of the register. Read more »

Jun 10 2010

Integrating Direct Mail into Your Marketing Campaigns

Carried out in isolation, marketing activities just don’t have the same impact with the target audience. Here are some examples of how you could use direct mail alongside, before or after other marketing communication activities to acheive a greater effect…
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