5 Tips for Email Subject Lines That Convert

If you’re new to email marketing, a good place to start is the subject line. After all, it’s the subject line that encourages the recipient to click through to your content. It’s crucial that you get this seemingly small detail right if you’re to stand a chance of having your lovingly-crafted marketing messages read.

In this blog post, we’ve put together five key tips for writing great subject lines guaranteed to increase your email click-through rate.

1. Create A Sense Of Urgency

Everyone is busy these days: so much so that skim-reading has become the norm. However, by creating a subtle sense of urgency in your subject line you can convince customers that your email is more important than anything else and demands attention right away. By subtle, we mean writing something like “Last week of January offers”, not something as blatant as “Act Now! Quick. Hurry!”

2. Build a Bond With Your Customers

Research by Freely has revealed that the UK has a higher marketing email open rate than the US and New Zealand, at 42.9%. Surprised? Maybe it’s time you paid more attention to your business’s email marketing!

Building a relationship with your customers can go a long way to increasing your email click and conversion rates. Personalise the subject line of your emails so that it is tailored specifically to each customer. You might be surprised by how this small change will work to encourage customers to open your emails and interact with your company.

3. Show You Have The Inside Scoop

Demonstrating that you have the inside scoop on something is another great way to encourage people to open up an email. A subject line that reads something like “Businesses Are Losing Profit Fast: Here’s Why” can really entice the reader. By opening this email, the reader can become part of an exclusive group who possess the niche knowledge available inside it. Make people want to join your group!

4. Throw in Something a Little Different

A lot of companies use email in an attempt to lure in new clientele: which means you’ll be up against a lot of competition in your efforts to gain customers. However, a way to get around this predicament is to make an effort to stand out from the crowd. There’s no harm in throwing in a subject line that’s funny, shocking or bizarre from time to time (provided it’s not in bad taste or offensive), as this will pique the reader’s curiosity.

5. Suggest Value and Simplicity

Nobody wants to read a long, convoluted email that’s packed with facts, links and information about your business. Sure, your intentions are good, but throwing everything you can at the reader in an attempt to lure them in is counterintuitive: you’ll only put people off reading your marketing message all the way through. An email subject line should suggest the contents inside is valuable and simple to follow: just make sure that the email itself reflects this! A subject line that hints the reader may be getting something without having to put in much effort will work wonders.

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