Direct Marketing Tip – Ask for the Response

When planning a direct marketing campaign or a mailing, be clear about your desired outcome.

Remember that a mailing can have several aims; achieving a sale, generating an enquiry, asking for a referral, stimulating a sample request, collecting data, and so on.

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Magic and Tragic Words in Copywriting Still Hold True in Digital Era

The world of marketing may have moved on, but it seems human nature can still be influenced by the same forms of language as 15 years ago.

We recently rediscovered some advice on writing direct marketing copy, originally provided by marketing guru

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Why Direct Marketing Should Measure more of the Unknown

A recent research study reports that marketing professionals still aren’t measuring the right outcomes to be able to decide if their marketing campaigns are truly effective or not.

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Selectabase Updates Prospect Download Mailing List to Include Mosaic 2009 from Experian

The Prospect Download consumer mailing list from Selectabase has been updated to enable list buyers to select and purchase lists online based on the latest Experian Mosaic 2009 selection criteria.

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Direct Marketing Tip – Research Your Message

Whatever you decide as the goal for your campaign, you need to turn your aspiration into language your market will understand and respond to.

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