We don’t see Christmas cards as an inconvenience

So the days are getting shorter and the temperature has dropped, we’re really starting to move into winter and of course the hectic… Christmas season.

So as a business how are you planning on spreading joy this year? A printed Christmas card is a a popular way, but is 2020 still the season of the Christmas card – do they still have a place in today’s Christmas climate?

Well at Selectabase, we say they do for a variety of reasons:


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How to Build Customer Loyalty

When you’re a business, building customer loyalty is important at the best of times. Now, in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has never been more vital to build a loyal customer base to support you through these challenging times.

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Covid-19: The Business Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is helping businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic by combating the “online fatigue” linked to digital marketing – this term describes how people feel when they are continually bombarded with digital messages and marketing material.

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Historic British Post Boxes

Did you know a Royal Mail post box stands within half-a-mile of more than 98% of the UK population? There are around 115,500 pillar boxes scattered across the UK, including freestanding ones and those attached to walls and lampposts.

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The Royal Cypher Explained

The Royal Cypher is a monogram-like emblem representing a country’s reigning monarch. Usually consisting of the sovereign’s initials and title, this is often interwoven with a crown. In Commonwealth countries, such as Great Britain, the title is abbreviated to “R” – short for “Rex” or “Regina”, the Latin words for king and queen.

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