Get Ready to Target New Year Start-Ups

Christmas and the New Year is often a time when people consider their future and their career choices, which can prompt a flurry of new business start-ups in the first few months of the year.

Despite the difficult economic situation, new business start-ups showed no sign of declining during 2010. In fact quite the opposite can be true during a downturn as traditional employment opportunities can be thin on the ground, prompting many to consider running their own business instead, or people embark on a new career choice after a redundancy.

So if an uplift of new start-ups is to be expected, what benefit will they be to other businesses? Well, new business start-ups can stimulate a range of purchasing decisions from premises and recruitment to printing, banking, stock and financial services. If a supplier can be the first to meet these needs, a long-term new customer can be created. And new business can be hard to come by at the moment.

Startupsplus from Selectabase can give you a monthly list of the latest new business start-ups from your local area, ready for you to follow up and offer your services to. Find out more about targeting new business start-ups from Startupsplus.