Protecting Your Privacy: How to Deal with Unsolicited Job Offers and Spam Messages

In today’s digital age, receiving unsolicited job offers or spam messages via text or WhatsApp has unfortunately become a common occurrence for many UK consumers. It can be both frustrating and concerning, especially when you’re unsure of where these companies obtained your personal information. There is one such recruitment company sending unsolicited job offers to individuals who never shared their contact details.

False Claims and Misinformation

Complaints have emerged from recipients of these messages, with many demanding to know, from where their personal telephone numbers were sourced. In response, this recruitment company has reportedly claimed that they obtained this data from Selectabase. However, it’s important to clarify that this claim is entirely false.

Selectabase: A Trusted Data Provider

Selectabase is a well-established company known for providing data and mailing lists to businesses for legitimate marketing campaigns. They adhere to strict ethical standards and have never supplied data to this recruitment company or any similar company for unsolicited WhatsApp messages. Their commitment to data privacy and compliance with regulations ensures that their clients’ marketing efforts are conducted ethically and responsibly.

Protecting Your Data Privacy

If you find yourself on the receiving end of unsolicited job offers or WhatsApp messages that you have not requested, it’s essential to take action to protect your data privacy:

1. Avoid Clicking Links: Do not click on any links or download any files sent via these messages, as they could contain malware or phishing attempts.

2. Block and Report: Use your messaging platform’s blocking and reporting features to prevent further messages from the sender.

3. Verify Sources: If a company claims to have obtained your information from a third party, like Selectabase, verify the accuracy of this information with the alleged source. In this case, Selectabase has confirmed they have not supplied data to this recruitment company.

4. Data Privacy Laws: Familiarise yourself with data privacy laws like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the UK. These laws give you certain rights regarding your personal data and its use.


Unsolicited job offers and spam messages can be intrusive and concerning. It’s crucial to know your rights and protect your data privacy. In the case of this recruitment company, Selectabase wants to make it clear that they have not provided any personal data to this company. Always remain vigilant when it comes to your personal information and report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities or service providers. Your privacy matters, and legitimate companies like Selectabase prioritise it in their operations.

If you’ve received messages from this recruitment company and they claim that the data was sourced from Selectabase, please contact them directly or by telephone at 01304 383838. Additionally, if you have any WhatsApp screenshots or evidence related to this claim, sharing them with Selectabase would be greatly appreciated. They are committed to resolving this matter promptly.

Thank you for your cooperation in safeguarding your privacy.