How Direct Mail and Web can Deliver CRM

A number of major brands have been using direct mail to push web traffic as part of a CRM campaign.

The latest is Nissan, which is looking to improve its reputation for service amongst existing customers. This month sees the launch of a new CRM campaign which uses direct mail and email marketing targeted to its database of customers to encourage traffic to a new website built on the theme of ‘You + Nissan care’. The mailing creative features customer testimonials, and a series of pledges around customer service.

Another brand to use direct mail as part of an integrated CRM strategy is Quiksilver, the European fashion retailer. In this case mailings are being used with mobile marketing, websites and social media as a multi channel campaign to drive more targeted offers to customers, and build closer relationships with them.

So using digital and direct marketing can be a two way process to achieve better CRM, driving customers to online experiences and using mailings to follow up website visitors offline.

In either case data accuracy is key. A CRM campaign which addresses it’s recipients with a misspelt name or address is not going to get off to a good start, and data collected on the web often needs checking for accuracy. Both needs can be met through use of a simple tool like the Easycheck desktop data cleansing application.