Marketing Professionals Shun ‘The Apprentice’

To coincide with the latest series of The Apprentice, a recent survey has shown that marketing is one of the least likely professions to be interested in appearing on the hit TV show.

The survey released by recruitment agency EMR, showed that 73% of marketers were inclined to refuse an opportunity to appear on the show, but it was a different story in other professions with 68% of accountants similarly reluctant, 64% of lawyers, 55% of HR professionals and 53% of those working in IT.

EMR managing director commented that “it’s possible those in marketing and communications are particularly committed to their current roles. But I fear the results may reflect that, while people in other professions are becoming more confident about the future again, marketers are still worried: unnecessarily, in my view: about their prospects if they were to go on the show and fail to win the series. Maybe marketers are just naturally more wary about the potential damage to their personal brand than other professions.”

Or perhaps marketing professionals see The Apprentice as the search for a ‘super salesperson’ rather than a marketer equipped with creativity, finesse and insight?