Selectabase Launch Free Tools to Improve Postcode Targeting for Direct Mail

Direct marketing list company Selectabase has launched a suite of free postcode tools to help marketers plan and geographically target their next direct mail campaign.

A range of free planning tools has been made available online to help target direct marketing campaigns geographically by postcode.

It can often be hard to identify exactly what postcodes cover a specific area or region. As postcodes are one of the best ways to select and target lists for mailings, down to an extremely granular level, this can make effective geographic targeting of direct marketing campaigns difficult.

The range of free postcode mapping and identification tools launched by Selectabase at are designed to help planners and marketers to identify exactly what postcode areas and sectors exist within their target region, and so improve the targeting and effectiveness of their direct mail campaigns.

This can be done in a number of ways using the free online tools from Selectabase; for example users can identify which postcodes to include in a direct mail campaign, identify specific postcodes within a target area and find all postcodes in a radius from a fixed point.

In detail, the suite of free postcode tools includes:

  • Postcode Radius Tool – Identify the postcode districts that fall within your catchment area by entering a postcode point and the radius in miles.
  • UK Postcode Map – View a complete map of the UK including all top level postcode areas, such as (AB, BT etc.).
  • Postcode Area Maps: Choose individual postcode area maps and view detailed maps of the sectors, villages, towns and cities in each area.
  • UK Postcode Tree: View all UK postcode areas and sectors as a tree, allowing users to drill down from area to sector level.

We understand that accurate targeting of direct marketing has become more important than ever, as businesses seek to reduce any areas of potential wastage and keep costs down. All the above tools are available online completely free of charge, on an open and unlimited basis.

Explaining the reasons for the launch of the free postcode tools, a spokesperson from Selectabase said that “in the past we have sometimes found it time consuming to track down and identify specific postcodes to help us prepare mailing list counts and quotes for our customers, so we guessed that other direct marketing professionals found the same problem and came up with this set of solutions.”

The free postcode targeting tools are available online now at