New Email and Landline Testing/Cleansing Service

Your prospect and customer databases are the lifeblood of your business. Telephone numbers and email addresses are often a vital point of contact. Unfortunately, this data can get out of date quite rapidly.

That is why Selectabase has launched 2 new services to help businesses optimise their marketing campaigns:

Email and Landline Verification

Our new Landline Cleansing service allows you to verify the status of the fixed lines in your database. The landlines are checked automatically and the subscriber will not be disturbed. A “sniff test” can identify the status of a line without actually dialling the number. We guarantee that there will be no silent or abandoned calls. The system is completely legal, compliant with OFCOM regulations and fully adheres to direct marketing guidelines. This means less time wasted on dialling dead or unavailable numbers and more time spent promoting your products and services.

Are you experiencing email delivery problems? Then you will want to use our new Email Cleansing service. We check the full email address mailbox, e.g. does “” actually exist.

Our system then checks every email address in 3 stages:

  • Syntax – email address expected format e.g.
  • Domain – is it configured to accept emails
  • The existence of the mailbox (known as a SMTP check), this will reduce the cost of your email campaign and the number of undeliverable notifications

With cleaner data, you will get a much better return on your telephone or email marketing campaign.

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