Make New B2B part of your sales and marketing strategy

If you are looking to source new customers, you should include new and changing businesses from your local area as part of your sales and marketing strategy. New and changing businesses are a constant feature of the economic landscape. Even in difficult economic circumstances, new businesses keep starting up. They represent a valuable opportunity for suppliers of an extremely wide range of goods and services. There are many additional reasons why new start-ups can be more profitable customers for your business.

New business start-ups have a wide range of needs now

When a new business starts up it usually needs to source practically everything from scratch. Their needs are wide ranging including everything from recruitment and financial advice to office furniture, IT, marketing and printing. They are in a position to make buying decisions far faster, because they need to get trading as quickly possible. It’s also easier to get a foot in the door as start-ups are more receptive than mature businesses which may already have a well established supplier base.

New business start-ups make loyal long term customers. New business owners often need a little extra help, guidance and advice from their suppliers. If you can provide this support alongside your products or services, you’ll build potential long term customers for your business who are far less likely to defect to your competitors.

How can New B2B Help?

New B2B is a unique direct marketing solution that provides you with a monthly list of all the latest new start-up and changing businesses in your chosen postcode area, or industry sector. It is a subscription-based service that provides you with a constant and easily manageable source of new business contacts that simply have to be followed up by letter or telephone. You will get a targeted marketing list for the area of your choice, with the possibility to narrow down your prospects by specific industries. You will receive your new leads every month by the 7th working day. If you act quickly you can become supplier to a new business before your competitors even know they exist!

How can I order New B2B?

You can subscribe to New B2B data lists online. Alternatively you can obtain counts and subscribe by calling our team of experienced customer service advisers during office hours on 01304 383838.