New B2B 2014 survey

Here are the top 10 start-up professions for 2014:

  1. Plumbers
  2. Take Away Food Shops
  3. Internet Services
  4. Hairdressers & Hair Stylists – Ladies’
  5. Builders
  6. Cafes, Snack Bars & Tea Rooms
  7. Web Site Design
  8. Business & Management Consultants
  9. Beauty Consultants & Specialists
  10. Garage Services

The most noticeable change is the drastic rise of plumbers, internet services and web site design startups, all almost tripling in numbers.But take away restaurant and hair dressers remains a safe bet for starting new businesses, remaining high in our chart from year to year.

The top 5 areas remain

  1. Birmingham
  2. Manchester
  3. East London
  4. Northern Ireland
  5. Bristol

Special mention for the Exeter area with 50% more new businesses starting up compared with 2013, jumping from 45th to 16th place.

The survey results were obtained by analysing the monthly numbers of new businesses which are identified by our New B2B service.