4 Direct Mail Myths Busted

Direct mail is a powerful marketing strategy. In fact, according to research by Baker Goodchild, 92% of direct mail is opened. Any business: small or large: can use it, the costs are typically cheap, and it’s one of the most effective marketing methods around. Why then, do some businesses avoid utilising direct mail?

In this blog we’ll explore some of the biggest myths and misconceptions surrounding this booming industry.

MYTH: Sell, Sell, Sell! To Anyone! To Everyone!

BUSTED: This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although it may be true that the overall goal of direct mail is to increase profit margins and attract more customers, it’s also used for collecting vital data and statistics that companies can use to concentrate on the right kind of audience: their target market. Direct mail campaigns focus on specific groups of consumers and ensure that your marketing efforts aren’t wasted on households that haven’t any use for your products or services.

MYTH: Nobody Looks At Direct Mail

BUSTED: Completely untrue. Take a look at the statistic at the top of this blog post! People in the modern day are bombarded with electronic mail left, right and centre: especially if they work in an office job. For many people, opening mail at home presents a welcome break and even has a certain novelty factor. If you use personal elements (including their name for example), first-class postage and hand-addressed envelopes, customers will be even more likely to open your mailer.

MYTH: Direct Mail Is Outdated and Impersonal

BUSTED: Just because the majority of business is done by email doesn’t mean that direct mail has had its day. Contacting customers by post is something that a lot of companies ignore, but by engaging with direct mail in an effective way you could convince a few of your competitor’s customers to give your company a try instead.

As for direct mail being impersonal: nothing could be further from the truth. When structured and managed carefully, this marketing method can actually help to build stronger links with consumers, encouraging them to use your company in the future and make further purchases later down the line.

MYTH: Direct Mail is Extremely Annoying

BUSTED: Direct mail is seen by many as being much less intrusive than an unsolicited phone call. Mailers give you the opportunity to introduce your business and services discreetly and with minimal disruption to the recipient. In many cases, people keep advertising mail in their homes for several weeks after receiving it, giving your flyer or special offer plenty of time to get noticed.

Can we help?

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