A Simple Guide to Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is attracting plenty of attention in business circles. In fact, last year, a survey by SiriusDecisions revealed that 90% of marketers recognise the value of this marketing approach. If you’re not one of them, don’t worry, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll talk you through the basics of ABM and explain how you could use it to improve B2B sales in 2016.

What Is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-Based Marketing is a B2B marketing term. ABM focuses on the collective decision-making process behind business purchases and subscriptions. The theory behind this approach is that major purchasing decisions in business are made by a group of people: as opposed to one key decision-maker at the top. ABM focuses on targeting the collective, rather than the one individual responsible for giving final approval.

For example, with ABM your business could buy a single highly personalised ad and target specific IP addresses belonging to a company you are interested in marketing your products or services to. Your ad will appear to ALL of the key staff (and therefore decision-makers) in the company, not just the boss.

What’s Involved?

A lot of the tactics and strategies of ABM aren’t quite as daunting as you might expect. In fact, a lot of them are just a bit of an advanced spin on approaches you’ll already be familiar with that are used in standard B2B marketing. Aspects such as direct mail, email, blogs, social media, web seminars, and advertising are all involved in ABM, but are applied differently than more traditional marketing strategies.

What Are the Main Benefits?

The main benefit of ABM is its ability to provide a high return on investment by allowing you to market to target accounts. So, if you want to try out an efficient method of marketing, why not give ABM a try? It could transform the way you do business!

Getting Started

If you’re thinking of trying an account-based marketing strategy, you’ll need some data first. Once you have the information you need, you many need a hand sorting through it and organising it to best suit your requirements. We’ve pulled together a few of the best tools to help you, here:

Data Collection Tools

The process of collecting statistics relating to a specific group of people requires clean, up-to-date data. You can find business data lists from reputable companies, like Selectabase.

Predictive Analytics Platforms

Predictive Analytics Platforms can make the process of ABM much, much easier, and help you to extract the most relevant information from data sets.

Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing Automation Platforms allow ABM processes to be streamlined, sped-up and optimised.

Focused Marketing

Make the most of the advances in technology and evolving marketing landscape: find out how ABM can help your business in 2016!

Get in touch

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