5 Thought-Provoking Direct Mail Facts for Marketeers

In today’s age of technology, you would think the most successful marketing strategies would include e-mails and social media.

As much as these two platforms have a firm place in the marketing world, direct mail campaigns are still proven to do wonders for marketing. In this blog, we explore five direct mail facts that will have you rethinking where to invest your marketing budget.

1. Young adults prefer direct mail to e-mail marketing

According to Forbes, people between the ages of 18 and 34 prefer to receive information about offers via their letterbox than their inbox. When you think about the number of young adults with a preference for phones, tablets and laptops, this is particularly striking.

2. Direct mail marketing campaigns provide the highest return on investment

A research study on marketing campaigns discovered that social media came second to direct mail methods in terms of return on investment. You would think that the expense of producing a direct mail campaign would outweigh the benefits, but this isn’t the case. People are more likely to open and read direct mail marketing than e-mail marketing, which explains why the return on investment is so much better.

3. Direct mail has a higher response rate than e-mail marketing

Not only do more people open direct mail compared to e-mail, but more also respond to it. Harvard Business Review found that 25% of those targeted by direct mail campaigns took action on the mail they received. Digital means came second again with e-mail responses totalling just 23%.

One of the best features of direct mail is that the recipient is made to feel that they are receiving information about a product or service, rather than an aggressive sales pitch. Using this method to educate rather than sell piques the customer’s curiosity, so they want to learn more, hence the higher response rate.

4. Recipients are more likely to deal with direct mail than e-mail immediately

Figures show that 79% of recipients will deal with direct mail instantly. When compared to the amount of people who will respond straight away to e-mail at just 45%, you can see there is a massive difference.

With the flood of e-mail marketing delivered to our inboxes every day, it’s much easier to delete or move to junk than read each one. As a result, e-mail has to be especially eye-catching for us to take notice. Direct mail doesn’t have the same competition. When faced with a couple of white envelopes on the doormat, we are more likely to see a bold, colourful flyer, and respond to it.

5. Direct mail attracts repeat business

Research has discovered that 70% of those who no longer used a business go back to them after receiving direct mail. This is a tremendous amount of clients, whose custom would otherwise go elsewhere.

Rethinking your next marketing campaign?

If these direct mail facts have convinced you to reconsider your next marketing campaign, take a look at Selectabase’s range of targeted and proven direct marketing lists and services. If you would like to discuss your options in more detail, contact us on 01304-382-211.