5 Festive E-mail Marketing Tips for Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of the year. And we’re not just talking about spending time with loved ones, indulging in seasonal treats and wrapping up piles of presents. It’s an unmissable opportunity for retailers to boost profit margins and tap into the seasonal shopping state of mind. Ka-ching!

E-mail marketing remains one of the corporate world’s most powerful sales techniques, and when Christmas is in the air the potential to boost click through rates and conversions is bigger than Santa’s sack. This is why it’s critical for businesses to arm themselves with hard hitting seasonal e-mail marketing campaigns that have recipients feeling warm, fuzzy and ready to buy.

How exactly? Read on for our tip tips on how to put together festive e-mail marketing campaigns that your customers won’t be able to resist.

1. Start early

Start reminding your contact list that Christmas is on its way. Start off with a casual mention, then build up to multiple Christmas themed e-mails. Remember, consumers expect to receive more content during the Christmas season, making this time of the year a great opportunity to up your e-mail frequency without the risk of bombarding recipients with too much content. Just ensure that all content is engaging and relevant, not simply seasonal fluff.2. Get personal

Christmas inboxes are bombarded with promotional content so it pays to set yourself apart from the competition by personalising your messages. As well as using names in subject and greeting lines you should also be using dynamic content tags to display customised content according to individual recipient information and purchase history. A personalised approach can seriously increase click-through rates.

2. Reign in the festivities

Everybody is generally quite cordial when it comes to Christmas. That said, after months on end of cheery messages, falling snow animations, festive jingles and endless mince pies, the concept can get a little on the exasperating side. Keep your Christmas e-mails subtly seasonal.

3. Roll out seasonal offers

Use e-mail to treat your customers to Christmas offers that they can’t refuse. This can be anything from a discount code to a complimentary gift. The generosity plans on the inherent Christmas theme of giving which will make consumers think amicably towards your brand or business. Incentives to save on purchases are always effective as plenty of consumers find themselves cash strapped around Christmas.

4. Make the most of mobile

The lead up to Christmas is a wildly hectic time, with consumers juggling work commitments, party planning, present shopping and more. This means that optimising e-mails for mobile viewing is an absolute must. By ensuring that all content is displayed flawlessly on mobile devices you can rest assured that your busy Christmas customers can receive, open and action your e-mails, on the go.

5. Can we help?

Want to arm your e-mail marketing campaigns with some serious jingle? Check out our range of key Selectabase services designed to help SMEs roll out Christmas e-mail campaigns that have conversions all wrapped up.


Don’t forget all of the above can apply to postal mailings too. If you can do both and reach your target audience with timely emails and postal mailings you will really maximise the impact of your direct marketing campaign. Here to help 01304 383838.