Correcting Some Myths About Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is one of the most responsive and cost effective marketing tools there is. But despite this there are still various misconceptions about how easy to use and successful direct marketing can be.

We address some of these criticisms, and give you the facts about using direct marketing…

“Direct marketing is just unwanted junk mail and cold calling” In the past direct marketing has been misused, just like any other marketing tool, but these days the reputation of direct marketing is completely different. Both senders and recipients have seen that providing well targeted and relevant information through DM gives benefits to both parties, and various pieces of legislation now prevent abuse.

“Direct marketing is costly and wasteful” In fact DM is one of the most cost effective marketing techniques there is. Because it’s only targeted to people you want to reach, if you refine your targeting you reduce wastage. Better analysis of results means you can identify those prospects most likely to respond to further refine your efforts. Plus, your results can be quantified, unlike more intangible tools like advertising and PR.

“Direct marketing has been replaced by the internet” Literally anyone can create a website and run a Google Adwords campaign. But the accessibility of digital marketing is also one of its weaknesses. Potential customers have become increasingly cautious of a solely web presence and still want some tangible proof that the business exists. This proof can be provided by direct marketing.

“Direct marketing isn’t for small businesses like me” In fact, direct marketing is an excellent tool to use in promoting a small business either locally or to a specific niche market. Minimum print runs have come right down in recent years thanks to new technology, and list rental minimum quantities have also reduced. For example at Selectabase our Prospect Download business and consumer lists have no minimum order value.

Over the years direct marketing has been refined into proven and effective tool that’s used successfully by numerous businesses. These examples of best practice have permeated their way down to even the smallest or occasional users of direct marketing, so that the benefits can be enjoyed by everyone.

Here are some more good reasons to use mailshots:
– Mail is engaging. Consumers spend on average 10 minutes reading mailshots. Compare the cost of that length of exposure against other media such as TV
– Mail is a tangible form of advertising. It gives you a physical presence in your customers’ home or office, and can literally put your product in their hands
– Mail can be targeted to reach very specific audiences – almost every individual, household and business in the UK can be reached by mail
– Mail can support and deepen relationships with your customers, building awareness as part of integrated campaigns, or involving customers with your business as part of on-going, two-way communications

Selectabase makes direct marketing and sending mailshots really easy. Data is available to download from 24/7 along with Create & Post where we will print, envelope, stamp and post your mailings for you! Call the team on 01304 383838 for advice and assistance.