The misconceptions of data lists

There are a number of misconceptions and myths regarding data lists that we want to clear up. Data lists can be hugely valuable tools for businesses of all sizes whether you are provide B2B or B2C services and products. Here are the myths about them, and the truth behind them.

data list

Myth: Buying data lists is illegal

There is certainly nothing illegal about buying data lists for emails, phone numbers or addresses across the UK. Acquiring these kinds of data can provide you with the opportunity to carry out a range of forms of marketing towards targeted potential clients. However, it is important that you buy your data from legitimate sources and understand how the data can be used. Sending unsolicited emails for direct marketing purposes to businesses is completely legal, but doing so to private individuals who have not consented to receive the email may be unlawful.

Myth: Purchased lists have bad quality data

If you buy your data lists from a reputable supplier, then you will receive high quality data. At Selectabase, our data is updated on a regular basis and we collect our data from a variety of sources to ensure that you only ever receive the freshest and most accurate information on businesses and consumers.

Myth: Database marketing is too complicated for my business

Sometimes when people hear terms like ‘database marketing’, the worry that it sounds like something that is too complicated for them and the way that their business works. But don’t be put off by the terminology – database marketing is actually something very simple that almost any business can use to their advantage.

Most companies are already doing the first step of database marketing – they are collecting their customers’ data. But if you’re also looking to target new customers and businesses, this is where buying data lists can be extremely valuable. Getting additional data allows you to promote your products or services to the right people.

Once you have your data in place you can easily send out emails and direct mailers that are personalised to each potential client.

Myth: Customers will think of the correspondence as spam

There is a world of difference between highly targeted emails chosen for appropriate recipients and spam emails. When your emails and mailers are sent out to the right people, they are relevant to them and can lead to sales and revenue. Data lists can produce high performing campaigns when they are carried out properly. The best way to ensure this is to send your communications only to appropriate people – good quality data lists can ensure this.

Myth: Buying data is too expensive

Many businesses worry that data lists will be too expensive and make their campaigns unaffordable, but this doesn’t have to be the case at all. At Selectabase we offer very affordable rates and have no minimum order – so you can stay entirely within your budget.

Myth: I don’t do email marketing so I don’t need data lists

Some small businesses believe that they don’t need these forms of email marketing and database marketing, and as such they don’t need data lists. But as your business grows this can be a hugely lucrative marketing channel and one that you should look into as soon as possible.

Data lists can help you to reach new customers, grow our business and personalise your marketing materials. So don’t overlook something that could be hugely valuable to you.

Want to learn more about data lists?

If you’re interested in getting data lists of either businesses or consumers please get in contact with Selectabase today. We can provide you with the answers to any questions you might have and offer more information about the value of data lists to your marketing campaigns.